Damage buildings with weapons and tools please

There are weapons in game who’s description specifically states how good they are at damaging walls, but you cant damage buildings with weapons. I mean come on. Let me hatchet through a door please! Or sledgehammer through a wall!

No THx it allteady easy to wipe ppl. And i want it be more easy way

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I immediately got this Shining Nicholson moment. :joy:


I don’t know how easy it is to break thorough a wall, but it’s not impossible to balance out any issues.

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Perhaps the best solution is that if weapons/tools are allowed to damage walls doing so also damages the weapons much faster than using the weapons as well weapons… (To the point where you’re wrecking your weapons faster than you’re wreacking the enemies wall…)

That said I think it would be a nice touch if even if they don’t destroy a structure quickly or effeciantly smacking something with a pick will allow you to obtain 1 resource every two three hits… (To simulate you prying stones or bricks out of the wall… )


Good idea.


Got an idea that may or may not fit. Got this oddly satisfying idea of a new way to calculate damage, thanks to you Minnion. Instead of mere numbers, what if the damage value is shown how much and fast you get to dismantle an object; thorough resources one gets from them and their pace? When the exact number of stones is derived from a wall, that was made from them, that wall breaks.

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Its alredy far to easy to raid a base!

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You mean devs need to pump up the challenge. Agreed.

One way is to make bases have affinity of realism. Such behaviour patterns that mimic how our level of existence behaves. Using tools and weapons to pry down a wall isn’t easy in our world and it shouldn’t be any easier in this one either, to raise the level of immersion. However, it should at least be possible. This would unlock many ways to bring in the challenge; as many ways to assault and as equally as many ways to defend one’s base. One cannot be in two places at once so this limitation needs to be accounted for.

I”m al for it and saying it’s to easy already shouldn’t be an excuse because it would be far more difficult and time consuming with a weapon then it would be with a bomb.

I mean having this possibility just means it will take longer to get into a base and be more fun.

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Maybe doors and soft targets and maybe t1 but not the walls, same whit jars orbs and stuffs. And maybe blocking walls but to knock down walls on a base a catapult have to be needed!

only a paradice for the alfa-clan. And the smal clan /player cant do anything about it!

If you want to be efficient enough, a catapult would be a necessity. However, current catapults won’t work coz they are not mobile. They need to be updated. Also it is possible to pry a wall down with mere primitive tools, but yet again the decision is based on necessity. If we are not in a hurry and the surroundings doesn’t provide a threat perilous enough, then we may as well use an ordinary pick for example. It’s all about the breakpoints.

Right! Swords are no good at chopping wood, they break. And im speaking IRL for this comparison. If you’ve ever hacked a door down with a hatchet youd know its pretty easy, or opened a door with a sledgehammer its pretty easy too. It used to be reflected in the game, id love that back!

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I think being able to use weapons on doors and walls would balance the game for the lower clans. Right now im the alpha and i have enough bombs and gods to end the server. But if you could use weapons, you wouldn’t need my 10 man clan and seven vaults of dragon powder to face us

If you could hatched thru the door, then people would just stop building doors and make every entrypoint into a replacable wall, which would only serve to futher the ridicilous pvp building meta.

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Just because you can, doesn’t mean the method is a viable strategy element for efficiency based approach.


Doors have other uses than just serving as an entry point.

I’m sorry, I dont understand what you mean.

Sometimes you shouldn’t use the weak looking door to make an entry.

Ah, of course they do. Door trickery is essential part of the pvp meta, but if they become a weak point, they no longer serve as decoys to waste bombs or as traps, since for less effort you can simply hack thru them. It would become more viable to just replace them with walls.

While thematicly the concept is awsome and I would like to be able to kick down doors, the current meta wouldnt support this approach. Maybe if you would have new siege weapon categories like battering rams and Special Axes to hack thru doors, which would be somehow balanced with bombs and material costs.

Or to counter this entirely, they could add new trap types that trigger from proximity when someone comes knocking on your door. it would add new risk/reward system where you can more easily just hack thru the door than blow it up, but risk triggering possible proximity traps

Becoming a weak point means that the breakpoint hangs too low. It’s a balance issue.


Special axe like a firefighter’s axe? Way too efficient I think. Though the same thing could be said about the pick. It would take longer to whack it open than bend it with a crowbar like object, but at least those other doors and gates wouldn’t be as easy.

There already are weapons specific to damaging buildings. There’s sledgehammer that has a whole story about how great it is at breaking walls in its description. It would be fun to use it for its intention