Do star metal drops target maprooms?

Just curious because 3 maprooms have now been hit by star metal asteroids with direct hits. That can’t be by chance.

Also why doesn’t the server report why the building was damaged in the logs? Star metal strikes are just reported by a dot.

Lol sounds about right. I just wish the logs reported the reason. I thought someone didn’t like my ground level maproom so I secured another and it had a star metal asteroid right in the middle of it this morning.

Always been an issue when building map rooms near the frost temple obelisk for convenience travel. That’s asteroid territory So it’s bound to happen.

I get there is a chance but 3 direct strikes seems targeted.

Lession learned though.

We do have a maproom near obelisk at Frost giant Temple, too. It’s enclosed vs black Ice and had been damaged a few times over past few months. All structures near drop area can be hit by meteors.

Don’t worry its probably just a new feature. You know, like all the others no one asked for.

If by new you mean 1+years old, sure, let’s call it new. :joy::joy::joy:

Yea my bad, at this point the issues just seem to all start to become a blur.

What’s relatively new is that the meteor drop zones used to be unbuildable. That changed last year.

Meteors can hit even wild Sabertooth. One day I’ve been fiddling with Pippi commands and killed one with a meteor shower. :cry:


They hit every dam thing but my map room lol

My theory: the first meteor shower has a special target. The center of my base! I have built in this spot consistantly since the frozen north opened and have been hit by meteors consistantly. The last one took me out while sleeping peacefully in my bed.

You know what Ian Fleming said:

“Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.”

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