Your maproom was destroyed by

It’s in the title this is what my log says your maproom was destroyed by is all it says my maproom and three layers of black ice foundation destroyed by something could a meteor fall cause this damage ? someone kite some giants over ? First it was just a light now half the platform yes I built near an obelisk but a maproom open for everyone with a little place for drink food and to warm up. I just need to know player or game destroying my stuff what you ladies and gents think.

Star metal meteors could definitely do this.

When the description stops at by, then it is for sure meteors.
I systain a maproom right south of the obelisk at frozen palace , and this is my most expensive build to sustain…
I am pretty sure about that because i was there at a starfall and immediatelly checked log… So no giant kiting, no purge , just meteors

Reinforcing ALL sides of every foundation block with fence foundation also helps . And instead of walls inside the build, use also fence foundations, as they have more hp than walls

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