Jesus Christ Funcom

It is still happening…so I built in lower B 12 and had building just vanishing…people were saying it was star metal damage but it was not…ive been playing this game off and on for 4 years, but whatever. Funcom won…i started a new mega build in F 11 on the ice sheet…spent so far around a million hardened brick building it…much more till completion…today I walk into my beautifully crafted new site and boom I watch as tens of thousands worth of hardened brick storm glass pieces just break…log simply says lost stability…on pieces with 100% stability…FFS man…i can’t do this…I gave in and moved bases because I hoped it was just a bug in the B 12 area but it is here to…FUNCOM. Man you have got to fix this…how can anyone enjoy the game like this

Star metal does fall there and unfortunately the logs do say star metal destroy it just it lost stability but that area is also higher teir enemy so the could have damage or destroy some of it but if I could get a picture of exactly where you build as I would like to see if I can narrow down or find what exactly happened and a log pic to if you’re willing

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I have a base right there on the river at F/G 10/11 and I have never seen a meteorite land in that area. Ever. I wished some would. That said, I HAVE seen people build right on the ice sheet there, and it seems they have issues all of the time.


Star metal does not fall on the ice sheet mate or anywhere near where I’m at in F11 that I’ve ever seen…Never ever seen a node except in the western part of north. In addition to that there are pieces under and above…behind and beside the huge gaping holes in my towers that are just fine…no foundations were despawned…but pillars and walls and ceilings galore


I’m so sorry for your loss :slightly_frowning_face:

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F11? It really doesn’t.

Wrong direction on words I was meaning does fall there as a ? Not a statement lol poor wording I see the miss there :joy: that was funny :grin: which also sucks cause this device so small that txt will be over the reply so I cannot correct my wording

Also the does say star metal was a doesn’t I also forgot and will clarify as that came out wrong too the area with star metal has higher teir enemy

Oh and what officially server and type I forgot to add that question too

:hugs: I only wish this device was bigger and had autocorrect automatically disabled sick of it rewording my sentences

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Oh I also forgot to troll

Where oh praise the lord

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Make normal starmetal nodes, remove the meteors, allow us to glorify the snow biome with our structures. FREE THE SNOW LANDS!


Looking ta the time stamp of this post let me add in:

a 100% Stable build on SIptah I was dinking with also had an “Earth quake” and was partially demolished at about the same time…

I fingered the Patch Hotfix myself as thats the only thing that shifted in the game before I checked it. I have noticed a pattern that Patches & Fixes can cause some (Usually) minor messing with builds. Either that or its an amazing and 100% occurring co-incidence…

The OP said they used Storm Glass ? Hmmm thats right up there with the Arena set for being glitch (for an official Build set) in my experience. I stick with Black Ice & Hardened stone for the superstructure of Admin builds now, as thus far its prevented any of them fully coming down like this.

AoC build sets were previously 100% as well till last couple of patches where folks on the server I play regularly on and myself saw them spontaneously disappear en mass overnight like the OP describes…

Nah I think we have an undocumented change that “Wont make any difference so we shan’t mention it” here…

I spent more than 3hrs in solo mode testing meteor falls to see where they exactly land in Frost Needle forest.

I found out that there is a little area, just enough to build 8x8, 3 walls tall, where the meteors don’t land even after 3hrs spamming the command, they land all around. It’s on the little plateau right behind Bleakwood Ruins.

I used to love building in this very hostile environment to discourage raiding from the new players. A lot of inexperienced players avoid the Frost Needle forest because of the concentration of Sabertooths and the risk of being hit by meteors.

Well after server up this morning my F 11 base which has 6 massive towers and 4 small ones is half gone…all the towers are just maybe 1/3 left…im out hundreds of hours gathering materials and a million hard brick I bet. Love this game…but that, well that is too much even for me. In addition to that for the last two days the server has gone down and come back up twice at server reset time…i really don’t know what’s going on with 1517. Or my account. Or just the game. Or why I spent so much time farming and planning a beautiful build. Funcom, mates…you’ve shattered a dream.

@Community on that one there has to be a problem that is possible on server side but if they don’t get back to you here just pm them to see if they can see what is wrong but as they have no admin they won’t be able to refund the resources you lost best of luck to you friends

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