Not sure if event log not helpful or trolls are trolling

So I know there’s a few ticklers messing with my stuff, I suspect there luring frost giants over to my base to destroy a little piece of it and killing some thralls but the event log just sais the thralls died but not by what and the building pieces lost stability. The thing is also that I know my thralls would kill a frost giant easy and with the amount that I have on location I don’t see how they’re doing this. It’s a pvpc room so there’s no explosives and it was not the purge. The room is official so I’m not sure if it’s admin abuse or what but the funny thing is as soon as I clear some certain decayed stuff this starts happening. :smiling_imp: SNEAKS I TELL U!!!

Sounds like you might be in the area where meteors (star metal) can hit and destroy your base. When that happens the event log does not tell you, and you end up seeing just “lost stability”.

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What about the 3 thralls it kills and it Deff just started happening after I looted decayed stuff

private or official server?Private, Then admins need to be contacted. Official, it may be star metal. It could kill thralls if they get directly hit.

I’m in agreement with @VirginMarie. Meteors will easily blow away even T3 foundations, so if you build where they are capable of falling, you need to understand that your base and defenders can suffer significant damage from direct hits. And yes, when a meteor destroys something, the event log message will be blank where you expect to see what performed the destructive act.

The base has been there for months now and not once have I come to it attacked like it is now, after I looted decayed stuff it’s been happening back to back. Yesterday today and we’ll see tomm

I mean it’s been over a month since my base up at FT has been hit, but I’ve had some weeks where it happens multiple times. RNGesus is a fickle god.

Yea I guess just seems to coincidental to me, it’s not main base just a little star metal farming base but still I know how people play here and it’s not nice :smiling_imp: thanks you all for the feedback

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