Lost buildings and base

Game mode: [Online Pve]
Problem: [Bug | Misc]
Region: [EU]

After being away for 3 days, i thought id go check on my thrall base, where also my elevator is/was, which is next to The Pocket, gives me quick access to The Black Galleon.
Ran over to this base not long ago, and to my big suprise its all gone! Nothing but 4 lanterns left, which was placed on the ground. I had a 2 floor building, approx 5x6 with crafting areas + a few chests full of named thralls, goodies/legendariesfrom killing Sand reaper Queen right next to this area. Outside of the building i had 2 wheels of pain, placed ontop on an area approx 7x10, which area also had a cooking station.
How is this even remotely possible, that everything is now gone, apart from the 4 lightsources…???

My starter base, which i checked on after i noticed all this, located on noob river, is still there, with everything intact…

Is this suppose to happen?

No, definitely not supposed to happen on a PvE server. Is there anything in the event log to report?

It says that a few things has decayed and the rest has lost stability… I mean, come on, ive been away 4 days and its only this thrall base thats gone, none of my other buildings.

Maybe the spot that you lost decay on had a shorter timer from not being close enough to it? I don’t really know how decay works, but maybe the ground got lost to decay, and everything else fell. Or something? I’m not trying to defend the system in place, just trying to play detective a little so when a community team member from Funcom looks at this, they have some data to send back to the dev team.

The stuff that decayed was an armorer bench, a stygian brazier and 1 sandstone foundation, all the other things had lost its stability. I dont see a reason for it to decay as the arena is very suitable to build at. Added a picture of this said location, where im standing.

This is just part of the log.

Keep a repair hammer with you, when you go to reset timers, use the hammer to double check. I always do because of horror stories like these. Chances are, what happened to you, happened to me. I have like 8 bridges in the volcano, but one day one of them just refused to reset it’s time back up. I went to it everyday but it kept refusing, few days later it decayed.

This game just suprises me more and more on how many bugs it has, and how long the devs use to fix them, or not fix them at all, where i see posts going back over 6 months, and still not fixed… I played Ark for 2 years, not that this game didnt have bugs, but you sure didnt just lose your bases after 4 days, more like 18 days or so. Waiting for the day im going on vacation, bet ill come back to having all my stuff wiped.

But why this one base… My newbie base is still there, and i havent been down there for weeks, until yesterday. I know people pass the base that got lost quite regulary, as a player has an elevator next to where i had mine.

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