Base, Thralls, and all content disappeared

User: Franchise707
System: PS4
Server:3515 PVC

Help! I have put 200+ hours into this game, built a waterfall base (secret lol) out of black ice, had all of the tier 4 named thralls, multiple chests full of end game mats and weapons, 10+ legendary weapons derived from keys, and all end game top tier benches eg. Furnaces, blacksmith bench, etc. I logged in today and everything was gone. I logged out and logged back in as I thought it might not have loaded properly, nope, all that is left is a dancer, dancing on the 3rd level, or what was the 3rd level of the base, on air. Everything I have played for was/is in this base. I checked the settings and as an official server, #3515, building decay is set to 1.0. Also, as a PVC server, it could not have been affected by other players. In regards to how long I was offline from the game, 3 days, something I have done before with no issues. Please help!

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