Offline Mode. Building my base for two weeks. Building decay disabled. All disappeared anyway

I created a Funcom username just to say this. Why the hell would I continue playing this game when my base just completely disappears at random playing offline, single player, on PS4? Gather thralls? Base might be gone tomorrow. Build a nice temple? Wasting your time. Store up some supplies you farmed? Gone. Start all over scrub.

What…is…the…point? Uninstalling this for now and likely not returning.

Edited: Removed some of the more inflamatory emotional language.

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That has happened to my wife’s offline game recently when she has forgotten to logout using the bottom option in menu can’t remember what it’s called. That makes a save to the playstation. When you logout of a server information is saved on server. @WhatMightHaveBeen am I correct on this? @almcfly.

@sestus2009 This may very well be the case for your wife but I haven’t once closed out of the game improperly. I have always chosen “Exit to Main Menu” from the options to log out.

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Out of curiosity was your thralls gone or just the buildings. This morning her buildings gone thralls floating. I have read that people have been saving their offline game on ps4 but I don’t know how never. I normally play on private servers. I wouldn’t give up. Hope things work out for you.

@Hugo do you have any suggestions for this issue .Thanks in advance.

@sestus2009 The only thing still existing from the entire base was a GWheel of Pain and an Armored Animal Pen. Both floating. Everything else (thralls, benches, storage, shrines) just gone.

Up until now I was just using a small crappy base. This current one was my first decently large project, worthy of T3 materials. It’s very disconcerting and deflating.

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I understand. Hugo is making the rounds maybe he will see this and have a answer.

Have you tried playing online?

I haven’t. Single player only. I’d find it very strange indeed if an Online Multiplayer experience is more stable than a singleplayer offline.

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In my experience it is. Offline play is using your ps4 as a server and the playing of the game. online the server is storing information. A official server with alot of people and huge bases may cause problems. If you are interested I have a private server it’s boosted WYRM’S BANE listed under pve-c no building damage. sestus2009 is my psn handle if you want information. Plenty of room.

I don’t really play Single player offline, but it makes sense.

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Hmmm. I’ll consider your offer @sestus2009. I may test out a private online official server as well. I’ll need to get in the mood though to play the game again as I still feel a little bitter. Right now I need another game to take my mind off of Conan.

I understand, Conan-Exiles isn’t going anywhere taking a break sounds good.

Hi @almcfly, welcome to the forums, we’ve moved this post to the correct section as it’s a bug report.

Could you please let us know if you verified your Event Log to see if there were any messages related to building decay or stability?

Additionally, if you have PS Plus, you may try and check your cloud saves to see if there’s any recent save you can download to get your base back.

In the future, we’d advise ensuring that you save and backup your singleplayer data frequently to the cloud or to an external storage device, to mitigate losses that may occur due to save database corruption or in-game issues.

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Cloud overwritten already. Event Log was 100% blank. Can’t see anything (unless I am running it incorrectly).

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Did you make sure to press square to actually submit the event log “request”? Just asking because when I first startes the game I thought my event log was bugged but I just didn’t know to press square

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