Repaired Building Parts Restting to Prior Damage

Hello, I have a question about something weird that happened but I am not sure if it is a bug, or something that I don’t understand.

A purge hit both my tier1 and tier2 buildings. I fixed everything with the repair hammer. (wood) (save for one foundation piece which I cannot seem to reach) Both structures are in the same area, I am playing solo with coop disabled, by the newbie river. (on PS4)

I turn off the game, then back on again, and all the tier1 pieces I fixed are damaged again, like as if I had never fixed them. My tier2 pieces have, however, been “saved correctly”.
I fix the tier1 stuff yet again, log out then back in, and the tier1 pieces are still damaged.

Is this; a bug, intentional, or what am I not understanding? I read somewhere that once you upgrade to a higher building tier, you can no longer fix lesser tiers. But…that can’t be right.

Does anyone have an explanation for this? As an aside, I was thinking of lowering my building damage multiplyer to 0 in the admin panel, but it only goes down to 0.5. Why is that? I read that PC users can lower it to 0, why can’t we on PS4 (and Xbox, I presume)

Thanks for your time.

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