Building repairs still not saving. Ps4 single player

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I’ve seen a few old posts reporting this, but it’s still an issue. Damage taken and repaired is not always saving. Is anybody looking into this? I like to run constant purges, and while I know this is also bugged, I would prefer not to have to repair the same foundation 6 times before it remembers after a shutdown and restart of my ps4.

Are any other platforms experiencing this?


Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I can confirm a similar issue for PC offcial PVP:

  • You repair a damaged building piece

  • as long as you keep the repaired piece in focus, it does not show the changes (still looks damaged)

  • but if you change your focus to another piece and return to the previously repaired one then the display will refresh and it will show that it is fully repaired.

So the problem in the modus I play is purely on the display side only - the repair is registered anyway.

Hello @Andy, we’ll send note of this issue to the team.

@r4nd0mGamer, that would be a different issue that we’re already aware of.

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