Fixed buildings stay broken

Game mode: Single-player

Type of issue: Bug*

Region: [ Canada ]
Hardware: [ PS4 Slim ]

Bug Description:

Fix your building parts after they are being damaged, like by a purge. Turn game off, then back on again, things are still damaged, like as if I had not repaired them. I had this bug one year and a half ago, and it is still there. Not many people seem to experience this, why just me lol.

Expected Behavior:

Stuff should stay fixed.

Steps to Reproduce:

Fix damaged building parts, turn off game then on again. Things remain busted. I reduced the damage slider as low as I could a year and a half ago:

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This is an issue that you have after the update or you have it one and a half year straight now?
I am asking this because the behavior of repairing all this time has 2 options
1 repair it at once with repair hammer and materials
2 leave it alone and slightly will be repaired by itself.
I played a lot of pvp in the past, so believe me I have some experience in this point :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
Yet if it happens after the update I promise you that I will check to confirm :wink:

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It is the same issue that was there before the update, it persists after the big May 27th update. Or maybe it came back after the last patch from a few days ago. I started a brand new game three weeks ago, and got my first purge two days ago, and it is the same problem as one and a half year ago.

I did notice that back then, it would indeed fix itself, whether I repaired it or not, usually after using admin warp a few times.

If it helps, my materials so far that don’t want to stay fixed are sandstone and stone brick, and I am in single player.

Thank you for replying :smiley:

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