How to make safe ceiling tips?

hi how can i make safer ceiling for pvp? i have a ceiling base inside a temple but since we are not allow to ceiling stack anymore i dont know how to make it not get 1 shot from bombs could som1 maybe give any sugest?

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1, 2, or 3 ceiling it is the same, just some more time to raid.

The best is to build a nice base somewhere, and make sure it is empty at raid time :slight_smile:

(you can have some little storages in fews others locations hidden).


What I will suggest is good for bomb protection only, nothing else! All the triangle roof pieces, (I am not speaking about caps) , do not allow you to step on, they are all slippery and the player is only in climbing mode on them, so a construction like it, will make the bomber life difficult. However they have no protection on explosive arrows, trebuchet lightning storm and gods. If you play solo, play smart, play for fight and destroy, be an avenger, do not feed! If you play with clan, build as you like and challenge the game, do as much as pve you wish in pvp servers, you can rebuild in no time! I was in a clan of six, we could have everything back in a day, everyone had a role so it was easy!

For me the best building way is no access to roof tops. So I use to build my main building, place 2 foundations thickness around and oil fences in each foundation of the shell of my building! So if someone breaks the one line of foundation he would still be unable to climb!
Around the building to many spikes and in the distance of a bridge door, a 4 wall (foundations) thickness, around, with oil fences on the top again. Sometimes their thralls use to teleport on my spikes and die before they understand it :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
In this game you have to accept the fact that no way how you build, no way how many you are you’ll end up in desert :wink:.
Desert is good my friend!
The ones who were afraid of the desert, end up banned!



exploit aparently

Show me where FC said this or that anyone was banned for doing this technique?

Anyway back to your question…there isn’t any safety in ceiling bases. You are going for stealth and annoyance. 6 layers will take about 6 to 8 minutes to blow through with combo arrow attacks. What you need is an effective exit strategy when things crumble (and it’s when not if). Luckily you have options. You got midnight alchemist potion which will transport you to the Jebel dungeon. Load up what you can and bye. Drop out at sepermeru. Or you can build a sorcery teleporter and bug out that way. Don’t think you can do more than a trip so plan your bug out bag accordingly.

Lastly there is god bubbles but I hate them and never use them. Just too much cheese. But someone told me they aren’t as effective anymore.

It really all comes down to using a bubble or not. If you are at least 5-6 foundations from the bottom(where they can place bombs) then your ceiling pieces won’t take any damage. As long as you have a bubble of course. Make sure you cover the entire top of the temple with foundations as there are cracks that you can place bombs through and there’s a exploit out there that allows you to place bombs thru mesh. I was wiped once by this it’s similar to hacking.
If you choose not to have a bubble then it’s more or less a easy raid. You can fill your kill box with fighters, archers and pets but it’s only to buy you some time. You could also fill every layer with hatch frames/crens/Rooftops to slow them down as well. Without a bubble ceiling bases are useless not to mention if you are on a official you may want to reconsider which temple you build in because I’ve seen many dev wiped but who really knows.
As for ceiling stacking no one in this forum can tell you but it’s widely speculated that it’s against tos and a exploit. Fence stacking was as effective for caves as ceiling stacking is for ceiling bases so one can assume. it’s been asked but not answered like most things.

My Temple is eastern Barack basement is it safe?

A word of caution about this logic: people who got banned for fence foundation stacking weren’t getting banned for merely using the technique, but for abusing it. Despite the cries about how it’s “unfair”, I’m pretty sure that Funcom’s criteria involve both the builder’s intent and the effect on the server. If you’re going to stack ceilings like crazy to make a large base thicker, it’s going to have a noticeably bigger impact on server performance than merely laminating a few floors for decorative purposes, and anyone pretending that they don’t understand the difference is giving you a good reason to question their honesty.

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Wait, you got a ceiling base in the basement of east barracks?..that’s like 3 unit high…no it’s not safe as a ceiling base. Get down and start sealing that opening. Now the temple right above it…that makes a very lovely ceiling base that you can reverse apex and anticlimb the walls.

Nothing is safe if you aren’t online other than 1 spot that I can think of. The basement is nice but I assumed you were talking about the top.
Side note and not trying so spark fire works… I have a hunch the eastern barks might be a grey area when it comes to tos. You have the two imps around the dead deer above the basement level. If you’re solo or a small clan you “should” be able to skate thru without a report but if you are a large clan I’d avoid the spot.( can be said about most spots)
You could completely seal off the basement and tp in and out. Although set would probably rip thru it. Good luck


Yep, the part where I said “I’m pretty sure” is speculation. Everything else is corroborated by evidence, but I’m not gonna split hairs with you. My goal was to caution people against believing that they can safely abuse a building technique just because nobody got banned for abusing it yet. I’ve achieved that goal. If you wanna push a particular narrative, be my guest.

It’s great how it’s been 5 years of people saying things like this and there hasn’t been a single piece of concrete evidence to support it.

If this was a thing, some guy building a very elaborate road from desert spawn to the volcano and basically paving the entire area around Asg should have made the game nearly unplayable. But it didn’t, because buildings have minimal impact.

That’s because you’re talking about the total number of pieces, and I’m talking about the density of those pieces.

There are different ways to impact the server performance. One of them has to do with how much data the server has to send when your client is trying to load in a certain part of the world. It won’t make the server lag consistently. It will produce lag spikes whenever someone’s client has to load your base.

It’s not just the building pieces, either. It’s the containers, too. Those are often even worse.

And yes, there has been concrete evidence for all of that.


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