What is buildig meta now? (PVP)

It was wall + ceiling stacking meta with option to build lolipop, on high hill, in caves etc.

Then it shifted to almost exclusively cave bases (ceiling hanging base) due to ‘fix’ to stacking.

Then now we have a lot more ways to raid with sorcery (bat, storm etc) - What’s meta now? What’s safest, most efficient way to build base in pvp server? Is it still ceiling hanging bases and caves?

Nothing :slight_smile:

Small crafting base + bodyvault hidden somewhere.


Are You playing regularly on official servers? Meta should be visible there most of time while private servers are less sweaty.

Don’t forget your God Bubbles.
But many of the public servers this one has sniffed at seem to be in holiday holding mode, with little activity out of the least assailable clans.

Bases with significant underwater annexes also have shown up on occasion.


sky base


I know its still a thing but its purely exploit i was rather interested in ‘normal’ meta in official servers, what people usually play on them.

… or maybe its just skybase meta and people build a lot of em otherwise they get easily raided and quit? At this point i wouldn’t be surprised.

Having a skybases is no safety net despite it’s exploitative appeal.

People just bat fly up now.


Yeah i know about that but skybases advantage is that they are good ‘disguise’ against new / unexperienced players - they simply won’t notice it or won’t even bother to touch it.

Yes i am playing on officials servers and everything is raided.
So there is no meta for pvp, just hidding :slight_smile:


So that’s how it should be?

What about crevice, keyhole, or desert hangceiling base + god bobble - can you raid it?
Toxic alphas are still almost impossible to raid?

  • First it is easy to farm 500 bombs in 2 hours with x4 rates, then let process 1 day. With this you can break any base on the ground.
  • For hangceilling bases poison + explosive arrows.
  • It is easy to craft a set god for caves bases.
  • do not forget the trebuchet with demon barrage ammo, or stone boulders.
  • a god bobble? you will be tired to farm this every fews days, then you will be raided when you stop :slight_smile:
  • thralls are useless for base defense, you can snipe them with arrows, or burn them with bombs.

And all of this for only one raider, now imagine what a clan of 3 or more people can do … even if you are online, you do not have any chance to survive some experienced raiders.

  1. Yeah but problem comes when base is cave or hanging ceiling base owned by alphas.
  2. Godbobble and your arrows wont work (unless it was changed which i doubt) - if they have the spot they will rotate 24/7 bobble.
  3. I wouldn’t say its easy but yes its possible.
  4. I know there’s tools available but it wont work against hanging ceiling bases covered with natural enviroment.
  5. Atleast group of 4-5 people would have it easy to farm bobble for long time.
  6. Yeah thralls have always ben just time buyers when it comes to base defense.

My point is that before 3.0 alphas could just stay at hanging ceiling base with rotated godbobble and there was no chance you could raid them.

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Most privates are x10, so yes it is,especially in these servers dragon powder is pop corn!


Everything is easy, but first you have to know it before it is easy!
And even if someone tells you to do some things, first you have to do them sometimes, learn how to use them and then… It’s easy! Experience is very important!

And how much time it takes to build these, even in fast servers, you need a clan for this or else you are vulnerable and all this effort is pointless!

Hopefully they fixed the jhebaal sag flesh and it’s a bit harder now, just a bit!

They should be, thralls should not determine outcomes, we had a grand conversation years now about it!

Pvp in this game has multiple options! It’s not a fixed pvp that the one who has the best and the most skills will win. Like @Barnes said multiple times, cunning wins in this game!
Clans can make a huge effort seem zero, and solo players can use cunning to win big clans!
The most important is…
If you don’t like spawn in desert and start all over again, pvp in this game will not be delightful!
No matter how many you are.
No matter how good you are.
No matter if it’s private or official.
No matter the rules.
Everybody spawns in desert. Everybody!
So be friendly with this and you already win in pvp!

Edit, happy new year @Selene01 :hugs:


Happy new year @stelagel, but not Everybody spawns in desert without anything after a raid :slight_smile:

The solution is a second account bodyvault, with armor, tools, weapons, fews mats to repair and 200 dragon powder to be back fast. Then you can not be wipped!


This was the workaround you and many use not to spawn in desert again. Your consistency and love for this mode of the game made you find cunning ways to win in this game

And i think i already covered this :stuck_out_tongue::rofl:.
Everybody spawns in desert eventually, if your body is not hidden undermace, somebody will find it and send it to desert, luck is always a part of any game :wink:. But surely, for official solo pvp, your cunning can become very “annoying” :rofl::rofl::rofl:. I was reading @LostBrythunian saying that he is camping from times to times on trees to kill the “elephant” way :person_facepalming:t3:, omg you guys are so creative! Simply magic how creative a player can be in this game!

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This is the reality, and I think it’s fine. Anyone who builds an actual base is to be pitied for a while, and then all their lucky charms be mine. It’s brought out a certain viciousness PvP was lacking. Yes, you can be toxic without true viciousness, that’s why raiding in the past was so anemic.

These days, you can snap up big gains in a single raid, then add them to your underground Borg collective. I mean legit, legal caching. Then take the enemy mats and build a wonderful cathedral to your bigness, and wait for other people to get vicious with you. It really seems like an earnest potential for PvP, like @SirDaveWolf says.

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True but other than having a second account and doing the body vault thing, nothing stays hidden in this game.

Don’t want to beat a dead horse since I already had a fairly recent thread, with a lot of activity, on this but I’m just tired of the current offline raid “meta”. Usually some solo player who just farms a huge amount of bombs and waits for you to be offline one night… Just happened to me again last week where I missed the first two hours of raid due to dinner with family and sure enough some solo player wiped me during that time. Tired of spending hours farming mats and thralls and lose it all with no chance to defend. Just not fun.

Time for me to take a break from Conan :slight_smile:


This is another truth that must be told! Because it is true, it’s not nice to loose this way!

There must be someway to turn the downside up. Being a parasite is like being in Ark. Might as well write rules for nomads that have no better luck or just a lot of boredom.

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Happy new year my friend @Dzonatas, in this part i disagree! Players that use cunning are no parasites! They play the game with every mechanism is available from devs to win. Instead of naming each other, Start fights and measure d…s it’s best to just point what we think it’s not correct on the game and let them decide if they wish to change it or not. Never forget the opposite please. You know that you can be raid off, it’s allowed, why you farm so much? You know that one day something will happen and you won’t be able to protect your base, this is the game! But i agree, what i hated the most in official servers was, the raid off and the spawn kill. That’s a minor but nonetheless good reason for me not to pvp anymore! These 2 options were really frustrating for me, really frustrating!

@Octavian, forgive me, happy new year to you too my friend.

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