Yesterday we got raided and wiped



Used to have a small apex base at north, purge was coming I was the only member online. Started to move the animals and fighters outside to have enough defense against giant frosts. Then some other clan started to attacking me, during the purge. Then they come back with bombs and started to kill our animals and thralls… I destroyed the lift, that was the only way to get inside the base, then they bombed off the spikes from the foundations, while they were climbing up their thralls teleported inside our base. 1 other member came online, but we had no chance, the enemy thralls inside base were killing us directly after respwaning. Is this a bug? What kind of base types are the Meta now? I need advice where to build and what to build to have some better defense…

We lost everything, all the thralls what I grinded last week, and all the gears from the new dungeon. We just upgraded our base to T3, the top of the base were still from T1 stone, we started on this server like a week ago.

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Apex base with bubble up is still the best base you can have at the moment I think, it’s unraidable if you build well and claim well around, then I suggest you to build a different bedroom for every member of the clan, not to put bed in only one room, so if someone reach the base have to destroy 2-3-4-5 room before every clan member can’t respawn in the base, and like the problem you had if some enemy thrall spawn Inside your base you can easily spawn on your bed or you teammates can do, also fill the base with thrall so if some enemy thrall spawn inside your base they are dead for sure​:relieved:hope you understand my bad English :joy: we are alpha in 2 different server with apex base and never get raided :man_shrugging:t2:

Also you need a strong courtyard down your base fill with archers and fighter so an enemy have to destroy and kill your courtyard before they are able to climb your pillar

But be careful of the acid ( stupid ) arrows​:man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2:

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sha4zaam come to 1825 I’ll show you.

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