Bomb glitch, no one talking about it?

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: Glitch/Exploit

I’m surprised to see no one talking about the explosives placement glitch (unless those posts have been deleted?). The bug is executed by placing bombs through ceiling tiles and closed doors, doing damage to a building from the inside. I don’t actually know how to reproduce it myself but have video of it happening to me and have seen other videos of it online. Here is one example of the ceiling being glitched (this isn’t my video):

Edit: Just to clarify. This is an active bug. I saw it executed last night through doors. Have video of it going ceilings, and i know it can be done to hatches as well. Very frustrating to defend against, raiders can be very far from placement location (like in the video linked above).

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I watched the vid and it’s unclear to me exactly at which point they are using an exploit…?

They are placing the explosive jars in his base through the ceiling tiles, the players themselves are far below inside the cave.

The only proper defense I’ve found against the glitch is to put foundations on top of ceilings. On my server the 2 clans that use this glitch to raid can’t seem to get the explosives through both a ceiling tile and foundation. Instead of a door on the door frames we now put foundation infront of main entrences and instead of hatches on hanging bases we set two Foundations in the hole we drop down to force them to at least raid legit. Expensive to keep clogging the base everytime, but worth it in the long run to prevent the base from being raided.

Hi there,
This will be fixed once the parity patch is deployed to PS4 and Xbox which we hope to have ready sometime next week :slight_smile:

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That is good news, it would be nice to be able to use single doors, ceilings and hatches again. =D