Hatch launch exploit (+ other potentially unintended things) - game breaking

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Exploit]
Region: Canada

People are building towers, placing a hatch up top, then, with agility feat to reduce fall damage, launching themselves with the hatch door into bases that would otherwise not be possible due to anti climb.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. hatch
  2. launch
  3. in
  4. raid or grab stuff outside of raid window

This problem existed long before launch, but has become easier to do (happens by accident all the time), and due to the agility feat, has become even more exploitable.

I need to look into this and get some raids going tonight lol

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Need to re-think base design due to this. I’m sharing this so people can be aware.

I’m also very pissed with FC right now… I could list way too many other exploit-ish things where we are not even told by FC what is intended and what is a bug. Then they change them without telling us in patch notes… Like god bubbles, damage and land claim of vaults (and other things)… I could go on. Since FC say nothing about what is intended, and what is a bug, you can’t even know if you are exploiting or playing normally. But this hatch launch goes beyond any question of intended or not, thus those using it are as bad as a disgusting hacker.

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Can do the same thing with a treb, working as it should? No base should be unraidable, perhaps someone in your clan needs to be online to defend versus this type of play.

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Or perhaps FC can tell us which is intended and which is a bug. If its intended, fine, I will use it and defend it.

As for the treb, report the exploit if you think its doable. The same idiots using the hatch have also tried the Treb and that one appears to have been fixed. So if its not fixed someone needs to report that to FC.

I play on the same server as Marie and this glitch works even better with a draw bridge. Once the bridge starts going up, run and jump off the end and it launches you super far, both vertical and horizontal

I guess we will find out if its a bug when and if they patch it out. While I have not recently checked if I can launch with a trebuchet, I know Bylos did talk about being able to launch players with a trebuchet.

I also play on the server Marie plays on, and I agree that this exploit should be fixed. I would, however, counsel that other exploits and bugs including permanent protection bubble and insane land claim using t1 pillars, shrines, and vaults should be addressed before these. They are much more game-breaking than the hatch jump, and they also are an exploitation of game mechanics.

Furthermore, one should consider whether there would be a need for such mechanical exploits (i.e. hatch trick) to be utilized by the playerbase if the mechanics were true to funcom’s stated view of base building. I am too lazy to find the source, but I believe it has been stated that (and I am paraphrasing) all bases should be raidable. It follows, then, that if a base cannot be bombed, trebbed, orbed, or godded, a workaround should and indeed must be found to keep in alignment with funcom’s vision.

I respect the pursuit of a fair and competitive gaming experience for everyone playing Conan Exiles. It should begin with equality of bug fixes, however: we shouldn’t get to pick and choose which bugs and mechanics to exploit and which to condemn.

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not being able to climb into a base does not mean it is impossible to be raided just means you can’t lazy climb into it.
I don’t know why the conversation got turned into if can’t climb it is unraidable…

Catapulting someone would we awesome. I feel like that should be legit

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I play PVE but the drawbridge launch sounds like great fun, gotta try that just for s***s & giggles :slight_smile:

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Make the inside not climbable so they can’t get out once they get in. Then, they’ll have to take off their bracelet or die slowly of thirst and starvation like a Venus Fly Trap.

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I agree with everything Anomiaz said (omg), and the posts that follow. This is why my greatest beef and disappointment with Funcom, as already previously stated, is that they are NOT telling us what is intended and what is a bug.

  1. If OP vaults (land claim / more difficult to break) is intended… tell us!!
  2. If weapons no longer are to damage buildings… tell us!!!
  3. if Treb should do no damage to many things… tell us!!!
  4. If god bubbles are working as intended… tell us!!!
  5. If avatars doing only about 7k damage (except set), is intended… tell us!!!
  6. If the Derketo avatar is meant to be only in the purge but purge is broken so we cant get her, great… tell us!! (ok for this one maybe you want to keep it secret but its in the freaking launch video for crying out loud… can you say false advertising?).
  7. If hatches and other stuff should launch us… tell us!!! I could have fun with it but this one seems sooooo nooooot intended that I will not exploit it.

And if these things are all NOT as intended… list them in the “known bugs” for crying out loud.

  1. They have stated that they plan to update the decay system to prevent Land claim this way
  2. Patch notes 08.05.18 “Players now do 1% of their melee damage to buildings, this is controlled with PlayerBuildingDamageMultiplier” They did tell you …
  3. ??? Treb seems to deal damage to everything to me.
  4. Honestly, IDK. I mean, I could understand the whole “1 bubble protects against 1 other god” in the cycle kind of way Set>Mitra>Yog>Derketo>Ymir>Set etc, but with how far apart shrines need to be, you need to claim WAY to big of an area to have all shrines up for this to be effective. If they want the cycle, let us build shrines closer together again, then this would be balanced & fair needing 1 of each archpriest for total god protection, as well as 2,500 seals every 36 hours.
  5. This is probably a bug, as it has been mentioned & noted in the Bug forums.
  6. This IS intended(as for now), however, purges have a little … “bad design” in them, they are not broken, in that, when they choose one clan on the server to attack one of the 24 times a day, it’s from a list of clans that have EVER! been on the server, regardless of if they are active or not anymore, so if 100 clans got the purge meter to the required level, but no longer play, they are 1 of the 24 possible selections, but since their base is probably decayed & destroyed, the purge has nowhere to attack, hence no purge. As for the auto-completion. This is known as is a priority bug being addressed.
  7. This sounds like a bug they will (and should) address. But IMO, as for now, making un-climbable bases on top of towers etc with god bubbles to stop orbs/arrows etc, so that they are unraidable by normal means, this is the ONLY way around that, and as such, the 20AGI perk needs to remain as is for now as all bases should be raidable (Let trebs go through bubbles and give us upgraded versions with maybe longer range, higher reach & more damage!)

Just mentioning, that we are 2 months from this post original posting and still have these issues.

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Yup and the bug/exploit was in the game long long long before launch.

It’s good to see sorcery added, particularly the necromancy used on this thread haha

In all seriousness though, why not make it so too much acceleration incapacitates or severely harms you? It seems like the hatch glitch is a devil of a bug to fix or it’d be done by now

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the hatch glitch is already fixed unless im missing something

Any player built structure that is not fully enclosed and sealed on all sides and top is subject to trespassing or theft. A friend, as well as a couple of raids, taught me this lesson. It doesn’t matter how high you build that wall, Mr. Trump. :smiley: