Black towers ruining the game, tho

Hi everyone its me, The worried noob.

As i said, there is a russian pro player killing all The Server, The whole Server tried to raid him, some clans, but its impossible, he has some russian friends, but thats not the problem.

The proble is he has built a super t3 base in the top of the tallest black tower. Its impossible to climb, at least 40 tall foundations or more, surrounding the tower, with the base inside. Every foundation has fences, everyone.

For more, before you could start to climb the base, he has another 3 capes of foundation with fences, surrounding the base.

The tower is HUGE, maybe 3 avatars of mithras tall. Just impossible to climb.

Trebuchet cant reach.

Yog almost cant reach, yog just reach the tower with 3 sec remaining but… you know what? The top of the tower (that kind of torch with fire) stops avatar of yogs attack!!!

so you cant climb, you cant trebuchet, you cant use an avatar, he destroys the elevator always so its impossible to do anything.

I think this is unbalanced and god mode, not fair, not fun, frustrating.

Guys, do you have any solution?

Edit, adding picture. The tower is so much taller than it appears in the picture.

You can’t even climb with climbing gear and stamina potions?

Sounds like this dude is just really good

Its just impossible to climb, you cant imagine the amount of foundations with fences and the height of the tower lol.

These bases are incredibly easy for a server to deal with.

Siege the base. Not in the sense of a game term. Actually lay siege. The only way to get food and supplies is for the owners of the base to leave and come back. If they use a map room to go somewhere they need to return on foot.

Don’t let them.

Destroy any elevator they place to get back in.
Kill anyone who returns.
Destroy any satellite bases the clan owns.

The unsiegeable nature of these bases make it tough to sally out of. It makes it hard to resupply. Easy to defend in short periods but suck for anything long term.

If they’re causing an issue for the server, it should be easy to get the server to rally around to devote some effort into pushing these peeps off.


Thanks for your answe, bro, but two points:

Siege the base by sourroundint it and not letting them return its impossible, can you see another t3 little build? its theirs. more: They have strongs walls at the bottom with vaults and stuff, its huge, and that zone its full of mountains, i should have to wall 1/4 of the full map with fences fot not letting them return, thats and oddissey and just impossible.

And second: The whole server is behind them, but its just impossible, we raided them when that base was weaker, but still strong, they were just inside, replacing foundations and repairing, and when they destroyed their own elevator, nobody extra people could climb, i love this gsme but this is boring, god mode.

Then it simply comes down to grit and determination. If theirs is higher, why shouldn’t they ‘win’? You said you had a bunch try to raid. How long was the raid? An hour? Two? Three? Twelve? Thirty?

No base is impervious. I guarantee if the entire server raided that base 24/7 for a week or two, it will come down. But how much of a problem does the clan cause the server? If there’s apathy from the server than the base is mostly irritating at best to people who look at it.


a couple questions? how big is your clan? if its not that big i would think about merging with another clan in the server to make coordination easier… do you have grinders on your team(aka the people who you ask to bring back a couple stacks of bark and they bring back 4000) i have played this game since Nov of 2017 and in my opinion I do not think the black towers or black structures are in any way breaking the game. this is a survival game where you are trying to give yourself the best chance to survive too many people think this a PVP game first and foremost but it is not this game if you want to last is about in my opinion 1. grinding for resources, 2. building, 3. coordinating raids and finally PVP.
last night we hit a black structure clan so this is very fresh in my memory… this clan was pretty much owning everyone on the server until people decided to do something about it and get really coordinated about what they needed to do to hit these guys. this took a few clans merging to allow everyone to become more organized, coordinated, and focused on grinding out high level resources needed for bombs and other raiding resources… instead of a bunch of smaller clans running around doing their own thing not focusing on the right things. during that time of grinding we were also planning who would have what responsibility when raiding i.e. certain people in encumbrance builds to grab loot/ certain people on bombs/ certain people in PVP builds/ some trebuchets/ and then what would happen if people got disconnected in the middle of the raid. im going to be honest this is a survival game and I cannot fault a clan for finding something/building somewhere/ or using a strategy (that is not cheating i.e. duping) to give them the best chance to survive in my eyes they are doing what they are supposed to - which is survive.


TBH I think PVP has been watered down over the last 15 years so much in games like WoW and CoD and so forth. PVP started in BG and EQ when you logged in and you stood a chance at losing stuff. Actions/inaction had consequences both good and bad.

This is the part I love about CE though. But I understand that many aren’t used to it. The survival genre is bringing back alot of what PVP used to be.


I totally agree with you Taemien…. I cant tell you how many people I have heard in my server say “Yea but so and so cant PVP me” a week later their noobish built base is in shambles they have lost most of their resources and they quit… there is so many layers of strategy in conan exiles and PVP means so much more in this game than just me vs you in a middle of a field somewhere its about base building and defending, resource gathering, planning, coordination, and execution.


Build a tower next to his and put a trebuchet on it. Height doesn’t stop you from hitting with a trebuchet. I raided 2 bases yesteady with this method. I buold a 2x2 sandstone foundation tower 20, 30, however high it needs to be, then some ceiling tiles up top to make it 5x5. Then I plop down a trebuchet and rain demon fire down. When a path is cleared into the base I climb in. If you’re having issues with stamina climbing use an unlimited climbing suit.

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you need to learn how to play this game

  1. Unlimited Climbing Stamina
  2. hatchet ‘bug’ + cat like ‘bug’ + bunch of jars and burn base from top to down

ps keep calm learn russian

that dudr that build the tower is smart asf. siege would be difficult however, you can litter the area surrounding the base with traps and or walls. just place a big fkn wall around his base. basicslly preventing them to get out. just sandstone with fence foundtions ans fences ontop so they cant climb over it.

KEEP. REPAIRING. THE WALL. Every day. all day. with any friends you can muster.

eventually they will get tired of having to break trough the wall everytime.

if they shoot it down with trebs, good, make another ring around the first wall and comparimentize it ( so make inner ring and outer ring and walls with an interval between inner ant outer so once they breach , they cant get to the whole outer wall)

if they use explosives, good, those are expensive. it will take them time to make too!

build minibases on/near all the nearby resource nodes this will cause them to have tk travel further to get the resources they need.

like i said this might seem a lot of work, but with lets say 2 friends, this is doable!

grit and determination is key (as someone said before). Sieges are a matter of attrition, this is intendes in the game as the defender will always have the adventage.

on another matter, if you head to the frost temple before you enter the rock passage just in front of it, keep heading north to the volcano. (frost temple left, small giant camp right)
if you clim the mountainninfront of the volcano there is a cave on top of it, this is a passage into the volcano. head inside and build a base in the volcano.

(pick one of the spires of the volcano cause you know how hard a tower base is to besiege)
once fortified, try to block off acces to the frost temple and any large black ice deposits.

if they cant get black ice, they cant repair their walls. and they cant build more if they dont have the materials.

you’ll need a clan for this tho. i started work in such a wall that blocked of the entire northern section of that part of the map and boyy it was pretty long. you willnhave the height adventage tho if you build the edge between the 2 statues north of tha lake.

Still best is to make that wall a black ice wall (since black ice is easy to come by there) but you’ll need brimstone for steel which js tedious to get. anyway. even with a clan this takes a while and a nearby base of operations (gehe your hidden volcano base)

i hope i have given you enough information, if you send me a pm with what platform you are on i might be able to help you. im quite a good builder myself (if i may say so, otherwise just check the share your shelter thread starting on post 70 and downwards, most of the stuff is mine just ctrl+f my name)


jars are cheap these days

they nerfed the costs? meh

we wiped someone on that very tower, build outdide (of the bridge a 5x5x40) sandstone tower and place a treb at the top, launch demonfire barrages to destroy spikes, profit. It takes 3 barrages and one boulder to destroy 1 t3 spike. Remember to bring repair hammers (plural), counterweights, repair materials, and to calibrate with a boulder before using demonfire.

He’s probably using a mod, or grows his own weed, and spilled something toxic on it.

In conjunction with walling off and laying siege to the main base and merging all the other clans, perhaps you can wall off the obelisks, with gates that only the merged mega-clan can access. That way, even if they map room out of the main base, they are still stuck. Admittedly, this will take quite a bit of resources, coordination and dedication to achieve a solid victory.

You are absolutely right. There is a massive balancing issue with this towers. So much *******
in this thread… “siege the base " lol yeah its fun to camp the base hours over hours. You cant raid these bases if they have spikes everywhere and a god bubble inside. You cant climb and you cant place explosive jars. Orbs and trebuchet are not usable cause the god bubble protect the whole base. Thats simply unraidable and gamebreaking. Unbelievable " built a tower next to his and put a trebuchet on it” yeah nice plan but you cant hit if they have the god bubble perfect placed and its only possible if the clan is offline. If you build a tower with trebuchet on it they come out put 2-3 explosives jars near to the raidtower and the tower is gone. EZ cause you cant stop them cause the laggy servers and very bad netcode. PvP/raiding in this game is absolutely broken at the moment. Like caves you can try to raid them but if 1 person of the enemy clan online the defender could easily repair. There is no chance.