Flying carpet? Spawn inside base?

So basicaly i dont care about funcoms stupid forum system. i will just vomit all of my dissapointment of this game i payed for.

You SIT FOR X AMO0NT of hours and days to build a base with t3 material/find tier 4 thralls like archpriest, farm another 500+ souls to get a shield, even test it on admin mode, just to find out a clan of 14 ppl, YES 14 PPL SPLIT IN 3 CLANS, in 1116 official server, ghost/black widow/sorceyy are one of its members, just spawned inside your base or jumped from nowhere up in your base, they didn’t use trebuchet, they didn’t even make ladder, to jump on your base.

but you will ask how do i know all of this stuff that my base is 100% unraidable? well smart ■■■ that’s because 1rst the whole area is capped around my base, which means they had to break some foundation to build a ladder, which THEY DIDN’t all of the capped area is intact, no damage no broken walls outside of the base, my base has all of its walls fine except 1 small hole above the base, the are 2 ways to get inside that base, 1 is use god avatar when no shield is on and 2 is break the capped foundations below and near the tower i build the base on, build your ladder to jump in, which i checked 5 times all of the capped area, the base and the capped area are all fine no holes, i even put my buddy leave clan to check where the hell is that small point where they could possibly build a ladder, HE FOUND NONE.

in conclusion, they broke all my walls inside the base, either they spawned inside and had to escape somehow so they blew their way out or they came from above somehow, spawned in mid air or smth because there is no way someone can build a ladder miles away and jump right on your base except if it is a thing nowadays where 1 guy can jump from the moon up on your base, anywhere it is doesnt matter.

i repeat the server which the exploit happen is 1116 official server, clans who used this exploit was last knights as of the current name they use/GLORY and Stara Gorzelski or smth like that.

to see i am no delusional on this topic, there was a previous clan who entered in that server, and the guy started yelling on global ‘‘Protek cheater,spawned inside base’’ and they left because he spawned inside their base, at first i didn’t really believe what he said about that exploit, only to find out it actually exists! and it happened to me.

i guess this clan was so butthurt they couldn’t find a legal way to enter my base without wasting tons of explosive material, so they went on using exploits. now i left the server and said good one, play alone losers and i warned other players to leave server unless they want to lose all of their time wasted because FUNCOM REFUSES TO FIX THOSE BUGS AND REFUSES TO BAN PLAYERS WHO USE EXPLOITS!

i am 1 step from wanting my money back. FIX THIS ISSUE AND BAN THOSE PLAYERS!

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