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Serious debate here, why can you jump off anything in the game, no matter how high it is, and not die?

Hundreds of hours of game time to build the perfect base and some guy can build a 1x1 200 walls high and jump off on top of your already high base and not die with only 20 agility.

Makes zero sense to me.

What does everyone else think?

I find this weird. On official I think it must have something to do with ping or dsync because on our private server this doesn’t happen you have “reduced” damage but if your high like more than 6 stories you die every time with a 6-10ms ping.

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I reported the same thing here…

I also reported it on Exploit Hunters.

This was over 3 weeks ago. Not hearing anything about it.

I don’t like it that much either but on the other hand I strongly believe there shouldn’t be ‘perfect bases’ which can’t be raided at all. It only leads to a certain ‘base building meta’. I see people building bases I’ve built previously and vice versa. If they failed to raid it they’ll try to build it themselves on a server on which this location is available. People become better and better and in the end you stare at each other until one gets bored enough to leave the server.

You see it might not be great but for many people it’s the only way to raid a base which can’t be targeted by avatars, trebuchet, orbs and jars => avatar defense. You thought you were safe. Well, you were not. You didn’t know this method. Now you do and will go and claim 2,500 square kilometers around your base with T3 lanes or huts or whatever.

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Not to be rude, but why would you hear anything after the report? At most, if this is truly viewed as game breaking and not just creative play, you would see a patch note about a change. They do not need to respond otherwise.

And from the explanation given in the other thread, it’s not am exploit at all, just a flaw in the game design. If it is true that fall damage is based on percentage, with max damage being 100% of your total health, and the perk reducing damage by 50%, that is not exploiting. It is simply playing the game as intended. The developers need to figure out (if they deem it necessary as they may feel this is fine in game even if it differs from reality) how to code fall damage so it tops out at 200% life.

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