How to jump from this height and surive?

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Misc
Server type: PvP
Region: US

A clan has raided twice by jumping from a very tall tower to get in. The raid tower is insanely high, presumably because they need that height to travel the horizonal distance. In the pic you can see the tower is not even very close to the base as I had some land claim.

I understand that tower jumping is a thing using provided game mechanics, but in this case, even with feats from agility, how can the player survive the fall from that insane height? Is this some kind of cheat, or just smart fair play?

It has occurred to me that they could also be combining the hatch jumping exploit (which I have reported and has been in game for like a year). But I dont see how that changes this question of surviving the fall, it would just enable the horizontal travel distance.

  1. No idea how someone could survive the jump. Is this exploit or fair play?
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If they manage to land on the side of one of your walls and “grab on” - wouldn’t they be fine then? I’ve dropped some pretty high distances and managed to avoid damage by grabbing onto the side of a cliff at the last second.

Disclaimer: Don’t play PVP. I might be way off.

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Mikey, I do think that is the answer! Thank you.

Now how did they travel that horizontal distance? I suppose it could be the hatch jump exploit or even just that height is maybe possible to travel forward pressing your forward key.

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Easy. Open your perk tab and read the description of the second agility perk (20 agility) = 50% less damage from falling. You can’t die with that perk. Depending on the height of the tower you can easily overcome 50 foundations in length. This is pretty standard raiding though I’m sure that wasn’t the devs intention but yeah… lack of imagination.

Tip 1: Claim the entire area with T3 and I mean the ENTIRE area.
Tip 2: Put a trebuchet on the top of your base and when they start building the tower and you’re online destroy it.


@Ascay has great info, I’m just adding a couple things from PVP experience. What you got there is a Hyborian Diving Board. Forward propulsion can be achieved by treb launching. That’s more exotic. The common way is simply forward drift while falling. Keep building your diving board up and you can drift forward farther and farther.

Your job is to go into Admin Mode in SP and test out the CE Ceiling Height. When you know this, you’ll understand exactly how far out you need to enforce your landclaim. Sometimes it’s easier if your build is round, because you can just send out four “spokes” in sandstone foundies, then make a square dartboard outline around your fortress. Place a Vault lodge and some vanity/confusion buildings in this zone. Not to mention Temple pods.

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I don’t know how this perk works, but isn’t there a perk in the agility tree that allows you to double jump ? Couldn’t they jump normally inside your base, and when they’re reaching the ground, use the second jump to “stop” his falling damage ?

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No, the double jump only works 2 or 3 seconds after the first jump, if you not use in this window you can’t double jump after.

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I see, thanks for the clarification!

Though I have seen people using the double jump to survive insane heights myself before.

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Hummmm I never have been able to use it after several seconds.

The official wiki doesn’t have any info on the duration of the “wait time” to use the second jump, so i suppose you could use if after a few more seconds ? A fall of that size would be what, 5 seconds ?

The solution to surviving the jump is 20 agility.
50 agility is just used to get in those last couple of meters if 20 agility wasn’t enough. As far as I know you can only double jump once in mid air.

I believe the game’s ceiling is at 600 foundations high including the height of the terrain.
That means that if you build on a very high mountain (in front of the vulcano for example) and build claims around noone will be able to build high enough to jump onto your base. They will however still be able to shoot you with a trebuchet. If you build very low people will be able to build way higher towers close by.

I advice you to claim an area of atleast 50 foundations in length into every direction around your base. You might want to use temples or circular T3 buildings or whatever floats your boat. Be aware of T1. It will get blown away fast enough by raiders.

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Clearly a bug people jumping mid air and surviving such heights, the agi perk should just lower your fall dmg.

The Agility Perk halves your fall damage. Now, that would be fine, if Fall damage would be calculated exponentially, or at least rise linear but it doesn’t.

Fall damage has a cut off at 100% of your life. You can receive 100% Life as Fall damge, no more - or so it seems.
The agility perk only takes effect after that, and now will half that 100% to 50%. You can jump from ANY heights and only lose 50% Life.


The “grab on to a vertical surface” is not what they are doing, this was not the answer as I had thought earlier.

They did it again and the base, I made sure, had no vertical surface to grab onto. I also had massive t3 land claim but they blew through that with bombs and I could not hold them off long enough since I was solo versus 3 or 4. Took them over 3hrs but they got in using this jump tower exploit. Once the tower is up they make it in first try so it’s not even something requiring multiple attempts if the tower is high enough. I had taken out their tower twice with my base mounted treb but then they built a 2nd tower behind something blocking my treb trajectory (my own second bubble was in the way lol).

If 20 agility lets you jump any height (and do believe the posters saying so)… just wow… wrong… very exploit-ish, but that is the answer.


if this is indeed the case that’s pretty clear to me you’re right : THAT’S an EXPLOIT

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Long time ago, like a week before release, me and other players noticed that the perk that reduce fall damage was bugged, once activated it makes you “invincible” to fall damage, basically it will “half” the health you got instead of reducing the actual damage, so you could jump from the highest cliff with 2 HP and lose only 1 HP.
Robtheswede said on twitch it was going to be fixed for release. Can anyone check that?

Has anyone tried disconnecting a couple of meters before hitting the ground and then reconnect-relog?

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I like this feature :cry: it’s extremely useful for pve players like myself. Not very rp-esque, but it’s good

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I doubt I’m the first to do so, but I have reported this “20 agility lets you jump from any height” on exploit hunters.

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My group discovered this ‘exploit’ within the first few weeks after launch and reported it immediately, but nothing has been done.

I’m actually starting to think it’s not an exploit at all, but by design. There are a lot of potential base builds that would be 100% raid proof if you couldn’t drop down on them from above.

In our testing, we found that the tower needs to be approximately 200 blocks higher than the top of the base onto which you are trying to jump. With a ceiling of 600 blocks, that means if you’re trying to prevent this by expanding your claim radius, you’ll need to expand it by more than three times. That’s a HUGE area.

Alternatively, you can build up high somewhere in the volcano, as the build ceiling there is quite low in relation to the land. However, this makes defeating your anti-climb only slightly more expensive, as trebuchet launching with an agility build is also possible. With a trebuchet, the tower only needs to be equal in height to the top of the base in order to clear the claim radius and launch yourself on top.

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