How to jump from this height and surive?

You make sure the counterweight is full and the treb has ammo. You then simply stand on the arm while you are firing it and it launches you.

That’s the reason I’m very indifferent about it. I don’t like having to claim huge areas around my base but I also don’t like enemy bases to be raid proof with avatar defence on a high tower or mountain peak. Solution could be to make the small bubble not block projectiles anymore. Idk. What do you guys think?

There should be a ‘drop on top of spikes’ instant death lmao.

This is not an exploit the agility 20 skill says 50% of fall damage reduced. This game does not calculate overkill on fall damage. It is by design. You need to build for jumping platforms in mind. Always on pvp. How is this not common knowledge by now?

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Please leave my 500 encumbrance alone, I love it and my build is around it :stuck_out_tongue:

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