Reduction in falling damage

Has anyone else noticed a reduction in falling damage? Jumping off the roof of my base used to take a fair amount of health, now it’s just a sliver and in some cases, I’m not taking any damage at all.

I wonder if this is intentional, or a side-effect of the whole raft of bugs they’ve introduced with this last hellpatch?

Yeah I jumped from 20 stories, screaming all the way and didnt die… i used to suicide that way…

Yep I noticed it too.

I can verify that if you are at full health you cannot die from falling, but you will lose roughly 85% hp from above a certain height, and if you have the 2nd agility perk you will lose a little less, but height doesn’t matter, you can only die from fall damage if your health is lower than the amount of percentage you lose from the fall.
Maybe it is an attempt to remove the thralls dying from fall damage, I’m guessing whatever percentage we have in fall damage, they have too :slight_smile:


That is great! Now i will have to build a lot of foundations, trashing the map, around my pilar base to protect it from players sky jumping into it…

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If only we could launch ourselves with trebs…

My guess is, based on what I just experienced, this is a period of “retuning,” which amounts to sweet amnesty.

Paint Rigel and I were ranging in a storm, in the dark, with a torch. Something happened, I missed a turn, and we went off the cliff in the highlands, plunging to the tunnel that leads through the Spillway. I rarely say “no no no no no” but it was a super-long fall. No splat, no loss of stamina, maybe 25 percent loss of health on both our bars.

I’m glad it’s like it for now, served as a blaring warning. Still think a drop like that should be made lethal. :skull_and_crossbones:

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Yes it is actually possible to jump into a base from a tower, however you cannot extend the jump much by going higher, but still it is possible, I did a little test below with 2nd perk in agility and vitality, grit was 0, don’t know if it would affect the length of the jump :slight_smile:

50 foundations high - hp 378 to 106 - distance 11 tiles

100 foundations high - hp 378 to 106 - distance 17 tiles

i raise you 1000 blocks high tower built in less than an hour

if 6 extra tiles per 50 foundations high, thats 108 extra tiles to a total distance of 125 tiles

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Actually I think it is a little bit more than 6 tiles per 50 foundations, I just barely got the 11 tiles distance in a jump from the 50 foundations while I got a bit more than 17 tiles on the 100 foundations, but it might have been a difference in the jump.
I used 6 tiles on top to get up to speed before jumping of the edge, also make sure you keep running while in air since it will give you some extra distance :slight_smile:

PS. 1000 foundations high… LOL… sir you have my respect :grin:

IT seems fall damage is now calculated out from ARMOR. When I wear epic flawless, almost no dmg and neither did my thrall. Remove armor and full fall dmg again.


This sounds like a bug then. It is counting fall damage as attack damage, and doing the math. Unless someone purposely changed it. If so, then Flawless heavy jump suits it is :slight_smile:

You have a point, epic flawless heavy armor reduce the damage by a lot, but naked isn’t full damage which should instantly kill me from 100 foundations height, but it doesn’t :slight_smile:

That actually was an issue once. Players abused it back then with the bugged cat-like perk to jump on pillar bases to circumvent anti climb and god bubbles.

Make it fatal and have players cause explosive damage, showering any below with whats in their inventory… would be a blast!

Ah okay, prob just to stop our precious thralls from falling splat then, who knows.

I reached max limit height on official with black ice soooo… old news but fun.

Yeah, you cannot die…

I jumped from my high tower, where you get the achievment… Falltime 10-11 secs and you land with 30% HP.

No doubt about it there has been a reduction in falling f damage.

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