Half fall damage Perk broken?

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [ Bug ]
Server type: [PvP ]
Region: [Europe]

before the patch i can jump from a cliff with the perk but after the patch iam dying when i jump down

Are you using light armor?
But interesting because the problem is the exact opposite of this for a while. When you have good damage protection armor, now it reduces the damage from the falling too so in heavy you will have pretty much infinite height to jump from you won’t die.

no i am on medium armor at the moment, i left the game for a year and came back 4 days ago ^^ i didnt know taht the armor prefent also the damage

So when you left, technically the fall damage was broken, as you could jump from any height with the 2nd AGI perk. they “corrected” that because of the ease to exploit from jump towers. plus lag, plus weapon animation made it possible to access bases by falling from towers build way above.

When you cam back, you did;n’ even need 2nd perk, just heavy armor, and you would survive any fall because it was bugged and calculating fall damage.

The new patch corrected that, and now you are experiencing what is intended as fall damage. the perk only works from certain heights. Once you pass that height, the game ignores the perks,and armor i believe now, and you get true fall damage.


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