Perk Bug... I think

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [US]

I was messing around in single player at launch and learned that having the second perk in the “agility” attribute, “cat-like,” made it so you literally take half damage from fall damage. So a fall that would normally kill you instead only did 50% of your max health.

So I found out this bug a little while ago… I didn’t want to post it because I love it for saving my life many times over.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Get “Agility” to level 20.
2.Then jump off a cliff that would normally kill you.
3.Survive with half health…
4.(Bonus) Then proceed to thank the gods that you didn’t die when you ran off a cliff because of lag or crash :wink:

How is this a bug? I’m not seeing an issue here. The perk reduces damage. It works as you said it did.

Falling damage is percentage based, not point based. The perk does work as intended, but this also makes it impossible for you to die from any height if your over 50% hp since the maximum amount of fall damage you can take is 50% due to how fall damage works, this has been tested in singleplayer and online just letting you know.

Thanks. Never used that perk so, was unaware.

I thought that it was kinda cool. You will always survive even with just a tiny bit of health if falling from a huge cliff, but is still very risky do so on purpose as ur super vulnerable when u land & anything could kill u. Has happened to me a few times :roll_eyes: :laughing: