Update 40. Falling hurts!

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Soooo I didn’t see this in the updates but falling hurts now. Character has 20 agility for half damage and…I am dying more because gravity has changed in game and I need to relearn it. Was this intentional or a side effect of the falling damage and spikes fix?

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I know it was able to fall two stories with no damage. Jumping down would trigger damage, but falling off without jumping took no damage. Just a small margin.

I died several times after update doing admin jumps were I had not before. Private server got kicked off server I believe for mantinace going to try getting on now got back on line .

So falling damage was not working properly when they patched in December the calculation for damage while wearing armor was not working correctly. It is now working as intended.

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I don’t think it works as intended because I take the same falling damage with the 20 Agility Perk as someone who doesn’t have it.

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I tested this on both PS4 and PC with the following setup.

I made a 12 foundation tower to drop off of. I dropped off with no agility and with the second perk in agility. The results show that it is working as intended. There are heights that you can fall from and die no matter the amount of agility. Since the patch in December I think, the falling damage has been almost non existent. It was such a change back then that I actually made a video about it. Here are some screenshots of the results of my testing.

With no Agility.

With the second perk in Agility.

And if you want to see the old video. Here is the Link.


The agility perk was patched and “fixed” months ago. there was a time where agility 20 guaranteed no death…that was corrected when Funcom realized how exploitable it was combined with other launching/animation bugs to get on top of bases in PVP from jump towers. What you have been experiencing since December was a bug, where if you had armor, and full health there was a 99.9% chance you survived ANY fall where you entered the fall animation. That was a bug. They corrected it. now Agility 20 only works for what Funcom considers normal fall distances, thus you will die if you drop out of your 30 story base now.:slight_smile:

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@Ignasi can you please confirm this is working as intended?

Fall damage for both player and thralls are drastically increased. We are all dying, and it’s not Conanvid-19 (no more social distancing from thralls in the exiles lands, BTW)- , it’s falling damage!!! Make a vaccine for Crom’s sake…

(Even with a flawless heavy armor and/or 2nd perk in agility)

Its fine now for players. I can understand addressing it for thralls, since they accidentally fall sometimes, but players should not be able to fall long distances.


players should be able to survive a fight with a 30 ft tall, 60 foot long dragon either…and here we are

The point here is that I didn’t see it on the release notes and therefore I would assume that it’s not a fix but a bug.

No need for armor… I survived jumping from my high tower… Where you fall for 10-11 seconds.

So sad it is gone :smiley: (for PvE in PvP it for sure has more downsides then fun-times).

And I already died, when jumping from a cliff and forgeting about fall dmg. Then I had DC… But I got everyhing back :smiley:

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