Player use bug to build the safes in midair without any base

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Asia Offical Sever 3396]
Platform: PS4

Players using bug to build the safes in the midair. We cannot distory the safes even we summon the God.

This is not the first time for this tribe to use bug for their building, especially the safes. They break the game balance and prevent other players from experiencing the game.


I have seen this before,and believe it is actually still on ceilings,just the vault goes through them a little anywhere you put it and this happens

No, trust me, that’s a bug. We try to bite another stronghold of that tribe which build on the ground. We finally distory all the ceiling, base, wall and everything. Finally the safes still at the midair. Since the safes still there, we cannot build and climb up to it again…and now, they build on the pillar…

It is 99% a bug/exploit of bug, as ceiling tiles typically can only extend out 4 before zero stability.
80/60/40/20. and the pic shows it hanging on the 4th ceiling tiles. and founds don’t connect horizontal, so no way there is stability to hold 3 or 4 more tiles that haven’t rendered in or inside the bottom of the vault.

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It’s being investigated from our side.


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