Build bug in exiled lands

Hello, I’m sorry if this problem was already reported but english is not my native tonge and it’s hard for me to read everything as I don’t have much free time.

I play on playstation 5 and I did farm a lot to have a lot of space ( building ) on an island near the starting area.

Bit at some point of my build I wasn’t able to build anymore for no reason ( option “build everywhere” is activated).

This is really a problem can anyone tell me how to fix that please?


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OK my friend I assume you are playing offline? Welcome to the Forum unfortunately I am ready to go to bed give some more information plenty of knowledgeable people here Good night Exile. @Medark

Hello, thank you for your answer

yes I’m currently playing alone tobdiscover the game so I did quite a big constrution the ground is done the outer walls are 90% finished and I can’t continue building it.

I can’t buil anymore on that place but I can build in other places and nothing is in the way of construction.

consoles have problems with bugs all over at the moment

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Have not used the can build any where on our servers and don’t play offline much. Are you close to something that would normally not let you build by and build any where isn’t working? @Medark

Greetings Exiles,

Thank you for your report @Medark. Could you share a picture or screenshot of the map showing where you are trying to build/expand you base?

We await your reply.


Hello, I have the same problem, here the issue is that it doesn’t allow you to reactivate the “auto alignment to terrain” mode and therefore it doesn’t let you build on what you already have done. It’s quite frustrating.
I’m new to this forum and it won’t let me upload photos or videos, could you provide me with an email to send you proof of this issue? Waiting for your answer, thank you very much

Sounds to me like this could be part of the “Loss of progress”-problem I’ve reported in a separate thread, where your save game breaks and building pieces are no longer recognised as yours, meaning you can’t attach new building pieces to the ones you’ve already built.

omg… so i have to dissmount all my base? and rebuild? D:

Try the ignore ownership option. Not the best solution but for singleplayer it’s ok

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