I got raided even though i had bubble

So i play on 1116 PvP Official server

This clan “la murge” raided my tower (NO TREB) they destroyed my anticlimb when i had bubble activated?

Shouldnt bubble still counter these things? I know treb got fixed, but arrows and orbs?

I need answer if this is possible?

Was your whole tower covered in the bubble?Or were so building pieces at the bottom exposed?

Does it matter? They shouldnt be able to destroy the anticlimb that WAS in the bubble, or am i wrong?

Well it depends .I cant see your base but they could have dug a hole under the bubble until it collapsed for example.

Arrows also still do splash when they hit the bubble, so if they had to nail the outer parts of your bubble and remember, only the inner part of the bubble blocks projectiles.

So what is the inner part, and what is the outer part?

Inner part it the more dense looking bubble with the outer bubble is like an aura, a lot bigger. The whole point of the outer bubble is that it strikes gods with lightning, dripping their health drastically with each strike.

Also using a Bubble doesnt automatically mean you are now 100% raid proof otherwise that would be a bit silly.

If they found a way to place jars and slowly take down your anti climb they can then get to the rest. Like wind suggested splash damage can potentially still hit inside the bubble if the structure is close enough to the outer bubble, It’s even possible they built a sky tower to jump onto your structure as the fall damage bug is still present so players can jump from any height and not die from fall damage.

Did they destroy/deactivate your bubble? or was the bubble still intact after the raid?

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Zeb was quicker but yeah, the inner bubble (projectiles) has 10 foundations radius only. The god protective one has 40 foundations radius. The gods can attack through both bubbles but they can only live a few seconds once they enter the big bubble.


No gods in PvP Official, but thx for the answer

I was giving details on how small the inner bubble is while sharing a few extra details while I am at it and you are very welcome. To answer your question in a more direct way, only the area within 10 foundations radius around your altar is protected against projectiles.

Thx again, just to be sure, 10x up and 10x down and 10x to sides?

Yes. Radius = 10 foundations.

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