Feedback on GOD and GOD bubbles

So have God working for 10 minutes will be a total disaster even if dommage are reduced 10x. All that because God’s attaack goes through walls and terrain. Which means even you have a very thick base it might not destroy all your walls. But all your chests and benches inside will be gone.

MY solution : Keep the god bubble to keep the god away HOWEVER make the bubble vulnerable to arrows. That way there won’t be any ‘‘unraidable’’ base. But PVP server won’t get wiped overnight but solo farming gods.

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disagree, the dam would still be unradiable.

Wouldn’t it only be unraidable if someone is online and if they are using the gateframe meshed into the prefab? Which is bannable as its considered a bug or exploit.

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That’s right.

If they build it without that exploit it is still raidable, if difficult.

By removing God bubbles hopefully the Religion system will get an over-haul such as blessing your thralls and also powers for the player through the altar etc, im looking forward advancing religion a similar way you can advance sorcery, so much you can do for example:

Creating an Oasis by placing it on the ground, e.g. scorpion king movie.

Rezzing your thralls / Mount if they die, blessing your living thralls

Other things like if you worship Zath you can put this spider web around the outside of your base people can get trapped in it before the spider comes etc…

I feel removing god bubbles allows for better / more content, everyone must know that removing the bubble must mean something else must be around the corner.

Imagine being able to heal your thrall because of the blessing you can do.

that is commun sense for everybody that played the game for real, god do area damage, so yes it will destroy all low hp placeable which include the most commun stockage : iron chest, which mean it will be total wipe, because when you have 50 or even more chests (lwhich is is the case in all bases on pvp server) all those placeables will collapse in middle of a god attack i don’t think you will be able to save a lot in repairing, especially when most of time your loot is hidden behind foundation and not easy to access.

and now you have nothing to protect against that (because god bubble removed)

that a joke now for attacker too, because all chests will break in 2 first minutes of attack and will become lootbag…and lootbag decay after 2 mn so before the god attack that end after 10mn…which means no loot at all

and god bubble do not make base unraidble, its false, there is always a way.

what in contrary is a problem on official pvp server is skybase and deep undermesh and it’s here we need to have change to make this shit collapse or impossible to build.

and by the way all what is done in chapter 2 of aow will serve principally people cheating and living in bug base.

funcom have no idea of actual state of what happens on pvp server with skybase, and to be blind at this point is unforgivable.

and if you want have nervous laugh, or a big cry, i can confirm you now that zendesk in one case i saw applied a 2 weeks ban for someone with a deep undermesh skybase (which is in my eye is an encouragement) , i can still not digest it , because i means they do no difference beetwen a legit player and a cheater that abuse and grief other intentionaly (=make people quit the game). there is a serious problem.


I mean adapting the whole game for one spot… might as well make it unbuildable of make the entrance bigger at this point.

How can you say?
What I heard in the stream was.
You will just have to be online to protect your base or risk losing it.

And if you’re online but dont get the god in time, you might already lost ur bed and most of your chests. It’s like not only you have to be online, but also in your base all night. LOL


You can now exit god by pressing ‘C’

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