Make avatar protection only against one god at a time

I thought this would give a more strategical approach to avatar defense. Could be like playing rock paper scissors that you have to scout what god your enemies are worshipping and then you can prepare for that.

Also please make the gods jealous, let them get angry when players worship them in the wrong way or neglect them. Let the purge strike with plagues and an avatar if you have enangered a god. I think it would be cool that this happens to you if build T3 Altars of several gods.

I think this could combat some balancing flaws in the religious system in a fun and immersive way. Right now I see big issues with the overpowered bubbles as well as with the ridiculously easy token farming.

Unsure if the god bubble gets used up upon touching the center but if not, i’d rather keep it this way. We currently have players that make massive god farms and this, if it does function in such a way, helps mitigate god spam.

I don’t think you can balance the god bubble power when there is an obvious flaw in the god farming efficiency. First the god farming needs fixing then the bubbles should get an appropriate nerf.

Agreed, if they add more limitations to reduce god farming to such a degree that bubbles can be weakened. I’ll support the weakening of bubbles.

One thing that would surely help is to limit the number of harvest-able thrall parts to a single item.

Right now with survival perk 2 or 3 you can for example get 2 hearts per thrall harvest.

I don’t like this either, but imo the number of tokens you need to create an avatar should be around 10x as high as it is now. Should be something the whole clan is working towards for a week and not a thing you farm on daily basis. Hence my idea to implement a sort of maintenance system to keep the gods happy. This can also consume tokens.

Yeah, gods should be as difficult to farm as they are dangerous to use.

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