New "God system" idea

I have an idea for a new God System.

Bubbles need to last for 4 weeks and be larger.

Then both the bubbles and tokens need to be vastly more expensive. It should take any player over 80 hours of straight farming to be able to summon a god or a bubble.

That amounts to around 8000 manifestations of zeal. That god should last a full 3 minutes to make defense against a god gameplay a thing.
And at the same time give a player more time to do damage.

The items used for manifestations of zeal need to have their decay timer removed, and zeals need to be able to be stolen, adding to early raiding to prevent token casting.

This also cuts down on clans own personal farming necessary for both bubbles and tokens.

An announcement should be made to the server with a special new audio storm que with darkening of the skies to an eventual dry lightning storm anytime a player physically puts a token into their inventory, and soulbinds that token.

It cannot be removed from the player until use or it is destroyed.

Attempting to place the token into a pet inventory, fridge, or storage crate of any kind destroys the token.

The player holding the token will have a death timer if the power of the gods are held too long, eventually causing their body to explode after 30 minutes.

While holding the token, a aura of devastation surrounds the player causing 100 damage a second to all surrounding players and thralls within 10 build squares.
Animals dont suffer the wrath of the gods as they are only servants, which then also give a reason to have pets as a defense too. (thralls are too strong compared to pets IMO)

What do you say?

So what happens if a group of say 6-10 players have that destructive aura and just run around a base as a group.

That’s 600-1000 damage 9 blocks inside to npcs and players every second. This seems broken. Knowledge of spawn points would create a spawn camp situation inside their base with you having not even breached their walls yet. This to me is the glaring issue.

Not dismissing your whole idea. Just the last part seems over the top and unnecessary

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