God bubble an exploits

The changes to zeal from the alter has gone too far one way, 500 zeal for a 36 hour god bubble is far too expensive to maintain for solo an small clans since ratios are 1 to 1. Players will just wait till your bubble is down an offline then god your base down. Im in a decent size clan an we never bothered with them but im now seeing people quitting because the bubble is far too much to maintain an large clans have 50+ god coins in the fridge. Its a good change to coins with timer etc but i suggest 6 hour timer on coins an 250 zeal bubble for 48 hours.

Just because a base has a bubble it aint unraidable just takes time an effort an resource.

I also see duping videos are poping back up an stamina exploits have not been rubbed out.

I agree with the cost of the bubble, it should be cheaper, and I agree on the timer for god tokens. To add, altars should have a 500-1000 zeal cap once upgraded to level 3 to prevent exploiting or mass farming huge amounts.

What if they make multiple altars?

I think the cost is fine, maybe even make it more expensive.

However, I would like to see the Arch Priest in the altar automatically activate the shield when a god is summoned within a certain distance of the altar.


Unless you start limiting buildings/ building size, hard to counter that.

I always laugh when I read about players wanting 24/7 god protection. This game is so much more fun without many possessions. I just live in shacks and gather what I need. If I want to destroy someone, i do it with a treb. Avatars are for the weak. Worshipers of crom destroy things themselves.

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I like the change and am looking forward to the new dynamics it brings. Being able to spam Set bubbles was never intended and is ridiculous.

Could not disagree more. The bubble is as powerfully as summoning a god and should definitely not be up at all times. It was an exploit to have it up 24/7 and was never intended that way.

take away the sword jump exploit with jump towers

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