Fixing Gods, Zeal and Vaults

There seems to be an increasing number of clans who love to farm zeal and gather tons and tons of it to spam gods on everything that moves. I believe there should be a clan/solo god cooldown of 36 hours before another god can be created at the altar and used. This prevents people who gather the zeal to use it instantly and have lots of gods set away in their bases. Zeal could also have an expiration time of 6 days to make people engaged in farming it to create the gods and the god protection.

Vaults should be buffed to 1000-1500 slots, 1.200.000 HP, and be limited to 1 per clan/solo. I think this will solve the big issue with using vaults as walls and land claiming! There are plenty of other containers with space that can be used in expanding outposts. The vault should be the central objective for placing the most valuable things in it from your team!

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i can agree, the gods should have atleast a per player cooldown of some time.
but it’s already pretty heavy since the last patch to farm the souls

the idea with the vaults sounds also pretty good, so like a super vault for all clan people, but it could let to people just creating ghost clans/characters to put more vaults.

Zeal is not only one part of making a god coin.

  1. You need a T3 altar.
  2. You need the Zeal. (at least 500 after the altar is T3)
  3. You need an Arch Priest

Once the coin is made it has a timer, if not used in that time the coin disappears, also to make the coin, the altar, and priest are consumed. So any extra zeal that was in the altar is gone too. Arch Priest are not easy to get. Ive captured all except Yog arch priest. So i don’t see the reason to change the current system. Mainly because to get a coin it cost both the priest and altar. I don’t see any god spamming, because priest are too hard to find. Zeal is the smallest part of the process.

Well, right now on the official server I play there is a clan which I suspects abuses the mechanics of the game to get gods. They have used at least 6 gods in the past 2 days and in plenty other raids before this.

If that is the case they must get every arch priest that spawns on you server. They must be very active, probably a large clan. My clan right now could make 8 god coins if we wanted to. We have not abused any game mechanics, just saving and capturing the arch priests. Like i said they are the hardest part.

Until they return the gods strength to the nukes they used to be, there is no need to touch any part of them right now. They are all useless.

Gods are weakened enough and they do really low dmg. T3 structure it’s enough to defend against them without a gods protective shield. Gods are useless and need get dmg buff. Vault need be nerfed ASAP. Dude go PvE I think is the best option for you.

Similar suggestions look like this: “Ai-ay, us, good guys from a good clan were hurt by bad guys from a bad clan!” Ay, let’s change the game so that we feel good, and it’s bad for guys from a bad clan! " :wink:

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I think they shoud add more rivers to the game, and vast ones too so we can possibly have water travel with boats or rafts, mechanics like this and the elevators we already have are awesome and make the game just even more fun. And finally what would be cool would be if you could edit the land, basically mining, this would be a major turning point in the game as not many survival games have this and will make Conan exiles stand out to other players and the game will surpass other popular survival games like ark at the same time.

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I agree on gods. I’m part of an Alpha on an official server and we’ve got about 27 arch priests right now stashed din vaults for most the religions. There should be a cool down to use a deity, same as the protection bubble. That I think would make them less abusive or toxic feeling to guys in tribes that don’t have 10 members and three allied tribes to farm them.

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Go Play PVE then so many complainers. Its a GOD. It Should wreck every thing lol. If you dont like it go play on PVE or something. I dont get people crying about this stuff. Adapt or go play PVE lol


No man, it’s us guys vs cheaters. A huge difference!

Exactly. But what makes it even worse is that the clans that have so many gods on the server I play found ways to abuse some game mechanics. I say this because they are not active, yet they magically pull gods out every raid! So this is a counter measure to avoid these nasty situations that pushes new clans/players away from the game when bombarded by trolls.

I would say that your Clan should be allowed to have one Vault per Clan member :slight_smile:

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As we have seen, private servers have a rule - maximum 1 vault per clan and vaults should be placed on foundation so it would be possible to destroy them.

And I totally agree, one vault per clan should be more than enough. People should have one main base with many walls. In this case it’s current HP would be also enough and there is nothing to be “nerfed”.

I am not sure about slots, current amount is enough for me, you don’t need to put anything into vault, only essential and most expensive stuff like top gear, dragonpowder, t4 thralls. Chests exist for rest.

The problem with “ghost clans/characters” is not new and in a such game is even easier to solve.

  1. You have to buy a game.
  2. You can create only 1 character.
  3. Current clan system is in Alpha version and is very poor, but it already gives you HUGE damage reduction in PVP so you wouldn’t kill your own clan members.
  4. You work around clan system. Clan should give a lot of benefits for clan member and leaving a clan and running solo without these benefits (only to put 2nd vault) won’t be really much helpful for a clan and player and worth all the hustle.

Regarding current situation with God. The reason you see so many avatars because people currently abuse bugs. NPCs often spawn in huge amount, e.g. instead of 1 priest you see 3-6 priests inside each other, hence you can find next archpriest x3-6 times faster. usually finding an archpriest is very hard job. It has very, very low % of spawning. I once spent almost whole day many days in a row and every 15 min I was killing set priest. I never seen an archpriest. It’s very low korean RNG.

Also making zeals should not be so easy. Funcom should have fixed most of altars already and it should be hard to farm zeals as it is with Ymir.

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Gods are broke and do basically no damage. Argument is pointless unless they fix Gods. Even once they fix Gods there is no big AVATAR problem. I have yet to hear or see anyone complain that they are avatar ed to much