Delete all god tokens from official severs

When they activate gods on June 24th can they also remove all tokens with it? I know there are some cheaters who duplicated hundreds of tokens and stored them in various ways. Hopefully Funcom patched the way they were storing them. So many servers have been abused by a small group of people who like to dupe god tokens. With this fix to structures I hope we don’t have to worry about that again.

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That should have been done mouths ago i mean why have them in the frist place make it harder to build the alters and when u use the avatar its uses the alter simple fix one alter per avatar no more then 4 at a time

1 alter per avatar max 4

10 man clan = 40 gods

Please don’t say per clan.
I leave clan, make 4 coins, rejoin clan

Perhaps make their count down timer active in fridges too, right now it’s sort of like a cold war :thinking:

That will not solve the problem sorry

in before we start using 120 token …:rofl:

While making god token coins impossible to freeze won’t solve this problem, it still would make it impossible for big clans to stock up on a bunch of them - In my opinion the gods are too OP, I would rather see more variety in siege weapons as the primary raid weapons, it would perhaps bring back my interest in PVP on official servers again :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry u don’t possess the knowledge to comprehend that this statement is flawed and incorrect but forum policy prevents any further details as to y

I kind of agree, but they must also remove all zeal and archpriests.
Everyone should start from Zero.
There are people who have been farming the zeal for gods and legit have tokens. Now they may be exploiting a way to freeze the timer, but there are those that farmed the arch legit. so everyone should start with no priests, zeal or tokens. That is the best way to remove any duping, and not allowing people who piled up 6 months worth of bubble zeal in their altar.

****Side note, i think since you get to keep the arch priest when you bub. This prevents the stash and grab, and possibly any way to dupe multiple bubbles worth of zeal. Because technically speaking a token cost 605 Zeal, and bubbles cost 105+multiple uses at 500 each. so if i summon 3 gods it cost me 210 more zeal than bubbling 3 times, that if done right will last 6 days.

Yes I think all god tokens should be deleted at this point and the cost of future god tokens should be doubled to a 1000.


I agree with this !! 1 of the cheaters from our server 1312 was boasting that his clan has 50 gods ready for when gods are resumed! If it would be down to me , would be zero tolerance to that kind of shenanigans!

it should also take 24h to craft !! and location revealed to server

They should put an effect on any player that summons a god so that they can’t summon another god for 24 hours. This effect on the player should remain even if they die or log off

I agree. The alpha clans destroy my alter before I build it. While they have four or five I can’t attack. Because it’s so protected. The siege weopon can’t reach it. And the moment I do any damage all five alphas come there in minutes and kill me. Because they know they are being hit. Wasn’t like that a year ago. No one new they were being hit. But I can’t stop all five of them when they hit me.

Conan without avatar the best Conan.


As awesome as idea Gods and avatars are, maybe they need to retool the religion altar system to something more in line with siegeing.
Maybe make T3 altars a crafting station for some new siege weapons and such along with the bubble.
Derketo–Corruption Treb Ammo
Mitra–Siege War hammer for doors
Set–Poison Treb Ammo
Yog-Heat Treb Ammo
YMIR–Frost Treb Ammo
Jhebal–Lure Ammo (can be shot and have pets lured there in the base for slaughter pits)

Again, only craftable on a T3 Altar, with cost based on t3 or named priest in it.

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So all you people are complaining saying they should take away other peoples stuff they probably grinded for just because you were to stupid to grind zeal?

they only want the duped tokens gone

Some of us have lives outside of Exiles. I can’t spend 40 plus hours just building an alter that keeps getting destroyed before it’s finished. Conan novels never had giant God’s. Did have siege weapons. And the enemy never knew they were getting raided until it was too late.

Yes it would solve the problem. The single players wouldn’t give up after spending money on a game they don’t play more than 2 or 3 days. Then quit.