E T A on Gods back on official

Do we have an E,T,A on when gods can be used again in official Conan servers ?

They said “a few extra days” are needed. :slight_smile:

One would hope gods never NEVER come back to officials until the following things are done;

  1. Duping god coins is fixed!!
  2. Balanced zeal production, no way Ymir should take 5 shards while all others take 1 to make a zeal coin.
  3. Bubbles actually, finally after dozens of attempts to make it work, actually end after 36 hours or whatever timer.
  4. Gods are finally balanced.

and because it needs repeating …


FOR F’s sake, its rediculous that exploiters can smash your base til there is literally nothing, not a trace left of you base by summoning dozens of gods.


Yip Bubbles need atleast 72 hour timer for 500 zeal alot of solos rely on it, Duping is still rife so clans are now sitting on vaults on DP an arch priests/hearts etc to make gods, the latest Dupe seems to be fixed well the one I know of, but that dont undo the damage of the last 3 weeks of people doing it.

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Hey there,

Avatars will be re-enabled once the issue with the bubbles is fixed. No ETA yet.
Apologies for the frustration.

As for Ymir goes, make frostarrows, 1 shard = zeal.

Please do not enable summoning until the duping is fixed :cry::sweat:


Here I am waiting for the background music to restart in the jungle.


:joy: I wish that was my only problem right now … nearly lost a years worth of work too cheaters :sweat:

Would have been nice to get an in game prompt regarding this prior to creating my first ever god coin, which has since expired. Was really looking forward to taking my first god for a spin.


I feel the pain, that’s why I’ve retired to pve c, I cant compete with as casual as I run

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what happened with my ymir avatar??? He will despawn after ~30hours because of this bug !!! I can’t spawn

I will lose my avatar ymir becase of this bug !!!

The ability to produce a true name coin has been disabled for much longer than a day before your post (48hr decay timer, aprox 30hrs left…maths). Therefore you either stop the decay timer again (like on this stored one you are complaining about) or tell us how you were able to create the true name Ymir coin…


i make 500 zeal, place priest level 3 and craft true name of ymir

And how to stop taimer ???

screenshots or it didn’t happen. Ritual dome is only option I see, anyone else? EDIT: The true name of Ymir was not supposed to be an available choice a day or so ago when you claim to have crafted a coin which will expire.

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It may be on a private server or Solo. If so, then gods are active if admin allows it,
Officials isn’t working to my knowledge.

Won’t tell you how. He was basically referencing wither you had a token before they turned them off, and thus it had to be over 48 hours old already and using a bug/exploit that stops the timer, or you had a bug where you could still craft on officials even though they are turned off right now.

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doubt he would be complaining in forums if on private server no? also gods spawn in solo rn still