Gods disabled, avatars disabled

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I’m going to launch an avatar and I see that they are disabled on an official server, why?


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The god bubbles are wrong but it has to do with throwing the gods, I do not understand the disabled.

To keep people from using gods when God bubbles are glitching. Can not defend bases when Glitching.


the big issue is it lets you craft the coin. so people who don’t visit forums are farming for naught. The whole zeal mechanic should be stopped. Because right now all clans should still be piling up the zeal so they can have bubbles and tokens galore when it gets activated. So now anyone who wants to join game after that will be a huge disadvantage. Sometimes I think Funcom does not want a long term life out of this game :confused:

  1. Allow hoarding of tnt to completely remove chance of new clans/players
  2. Allow hoarding of thralls in chests (should be on timers just like pets once you capture them)
  3. Speaking of pets, cryogenics for perma-storage.
  4. No real admin powers for consoles planned in the beginning that make owning a server worth while. (they are looking into adding console options)
  5. Allow major game-breaking exploiters to continue playing.
  6. Always lean to the OP side when introducing new mechanics and items. (halloween event drops, Jhebal Arch spawn rate and dmg, Sword of Crom on a thrall, new fish foods)

I pray to be ready for the day when they remove God-Ban

Not really. Bubbles are still needed.

Immediately after avatars were disabled many clans were lulled into a false sense of security and stopped popping bubbles. This would prove disastrous as my clan and others would spam hundreds/thousands of explosive and poison arrows in a matter of minutes, quickly leveling pillar bases or destroying key protective crenelation etc. Since Avatars have been disabled the siege meta has been unrelenting explosive/poison arrow spam. Catapult towers don’t even get built now b/c of how effective small groups of archers in pvp builds can be.

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Yeah they really need to get rid of explosive arrows becuase its impossible to build a base that can protect its self in case you cant be online during raid time . Like not everyone can be online everyday for 8 hours during raid time. Please remove explosive arrows from the game.

Right now there one of best ways to break star metal with little fuss. Had enough of my jars rolling down hill XD

if it isnt explo arrows, its jars, or god spam… maybe damage on buildings can be reduce… which wont help much from other forms of knocking a hole in wall. =/

The best way to stop the jar from rolling is sand stone foundations put 4 sandstone foundations around or kind of in front of the star metal node and place the jar on the foundations and if you just tap the square button and wait like 1 sec before running away the jar usually doesnt roll. But the foundation trick always works everytime for me. The arrows literally make it to easy to break anti climb and get into a base especially when you are being offline raided. Which u less the clan you are raiding is absolute trash then it’s almost impossible to fully raid another clans base while they are online.

I just wish they could figure out a way to make the building vs raiding weapons a little more balanced. Like I get the reason for making grit to where no base is unraidable but with the exaplosive arrows it’s almost impossible to build a base that is almost impossible to break into. But it is what it is. Funcom seems to like managing a broken game and make it really hard for even an experienced player to build up like if they move to a new server.

SHHHHH, I was trying to keep getting rid of these lollipos :smiling_imp:

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so right

I am having an issue with zeal even showing up with dekerto and jhebbal sag. No matte how much I craft and I am crafting everything available to craft to get zeal and 3 days now no zeal at all

Have you scrolled to the bottom of the inventory of your shrine?

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This might be the case. If you are mass crafting, the zeal might be accumulating at the bottom of the altars inventory screen. It won’t default show it, you have to scroll down to it, or set the sort in the station to heavy/name.

Any update on when the update will be released would highly be appreciated if an official reply came back to me

We don’t have any ETA yet. We want to get the fix right, so avatars will be disabled until we’re confident the shrine protection is working as intended. That being said, it’s one of our priorities right now.
Apologies for the frustration.

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SURVIVE the new avatarless meta…
BUILD seige towers and stronger defenses…
DOMINATE pvp on official servers.

Or go play pve/c

I always felt that avatars were balanced enough without the need for bubbles. I’d rather my fighters and allies get a stat buff in a bubble than just a ‘shield’ for my base. They may crack my walls, but they now have the ever replenishing horde to deal with.

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