GOD Clarification

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: EU-PVP

I just wanted some clarification here regarding the gods being disabled - I play on a PS4 Official PVP server, and ever since the post that the gods have been disabled - there are 2 clans on the server (both are known cheaters) that have managed to summon their god bubbles - every single day - now I know they have duped in the past and are still storing the gods in naughty ways that I won’t say here… (I’m sure you are aware)…

Is this a feature? Did you only disable the avatars? or the bubbles too? Are the players who have stored the god tokens going to be punished?

Me, and many others by reading the forums… think it would be a great idea to just clear any god tokens that are currently on official servers - as the only ones that are still in game are 100% exploited… I appreciate that you are resetting the attributes to tackle these exploiters and I back this 100%…

But the big cheaters being able to dupe, then hold onto many, many gods is still a massive issue. I know that the day gods are back in the game these cheater clans are going to be wiping so many legit players off of servers with the duped gods.

Sorry for going on about it but I am really passionate about this game and want to see it continue to do well

The worst case scenario is that eventually people will just switch over to private servers and the official servers will end up abandoned completely (other than the exploiters)

If you want me to send you proof of these clans exploiting then let me know and I will upload pics of them summoning god bubbles during the ‘God downtime’

Not a glitch. I believe you may be confusing avatars with bubbles. They are 2 different options and creating a bubble has not been turned off (it is however a glitchy waste rn)


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