Gods in Conan Exiles

Suggestion: Gods in Conan Exiles seems to be a sticking point for players. Some like them; some don’t like them. Some say they take too long; some say “god bubbles” are too OP.

So what if we keep gods in the game, but not controllable? Let them be roaming World bosses with incredible destructive power and very difficult for clans to take out. Like a “divine encounter” or “divine event” that spawns, roams around for a few grids, and then if there’s no combat for a while, “leaves”.


Shrink them down… so there Bosses. With Extended Move Sets.

It Sticks with Lore, there Avatars, and not really gods.

10-12foot tall, and very clearly not something you want to toe to toe by yourself.

It also be cool see them in SP like that. XD

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Is this a PVP-only suggestion?

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No. This is not a PvP-only suggestion.

Actually, I thought they were pretty cool being gigantic as they are. Shrinking them down implies they can be defeated in combat; I was thinking of them more along the lines of a supernatural catastrophe to be avoided rather than fought (unless you had a whole lot of people).

This would definitely not go over well in PvE… People would get their bases destroyed while offline.


Okay, then I’ll offer my perspective :slight_smile:

I’m okay with that as long as it’s an opt-in event, or at least something you can schedule for. Like @DaVice said, I’m not too keen on having all my stuff blown up while I’m offline :wink:

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I Picture back to LotrO Pvp, when players saved up tokens and got Troll (creeps) or Ranger (freep side)
and got to waltz over people.

They were abit OP. Troll was diffidently better one…

PVP wise, it could be4 marked on map, and Solo player can get hell out of there, One of them slowly watlzing up to your base, better have your friends. =3

Most people prep decent for them as they are now, You ether get lucky and kill summoner, or you get major wipe if your not bubble ready.

If a 12foot tall god shows up, you and your friends feel you have chance. less Base Removal, and more attack on point with it.

PVE wise, You basiclly making them more usful. Being bale to take one and toe to toe a world Boss or 2 with it.

I like it but you need to distinguish it different than a purge. I would say you start with 0% chance of wraith of God x. You increase this by attacking a base that has an alter to said God (say 5% per tier). You also increase it with every other god alter you have other than God x (10% per extra alter).

Good point. Getting wiped offline is no fun.

Nice idea. That would play well with a religion overhaul.

My original thought was how to make Conan Exiles more “barbaric” (in a PvE sense) so that living in the Exiled lands really feels threatening (because right now, it feels too ‘easy’). And gods seemed to have a PvP only use so far – so I was thinking of them in a PvE sense (not controlled).

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It really is easy to avoid base damage on pve. That is why it is not really a survival game. There should be the feeling of a threat in a barbaric Conan world, not a farming sim like it has become. Nothing threatens you once you have 20+ hours of experience and are level 60.


It is, but I’m not against making it harder. I’m against making it so I have to suddenly start to scheduling my whole life around it.

And you know what? I’m okay with that, if the alternative is that I have to switch to single-player or some ephemeral private server just because I have a busy life, with my family and my work taking precedence over a virtual world.

I’m hoping that’s not the only alternative. Which makes me wonder: I’ve played some harsh survival games, but they were either single-player, or they were the kind of multiplayer game that you spin up and play awhile and then shut down. Are there any good persistent-world multiplayer survival games? By “persistent world” I mean that the game is running 24/7 even if you’re not online.

But let’s not answer that here and derail @Bodin’s topic. I made a separate topic for this question:

There are very few places where a god bubble is op. They still need people on to defend or it’s no op at all. Most of these op spots come at a cost. Usually minimal space to place thralls or much of anything. Not to mention the spots I have in mind are very prone to trebs and since land claim is forbidden you’ll have to build at these spots at your own risk.
I’ve personally never heard someone complain about gods taking to long not to say it hasn’t happen. Are you saying take to long to farm? Or to walk them into the enemy? To that I’d say jhebbal, set are very fast and deadly. With a gremlin sigil you can farm a god within 1-2 hours and a bubble in less than that.
The idea of the walking around the world does seem pretty cool tho

i agree, but FC has always had that issue. Either too easy or too hard. I am not for a rng roaming god, but if one popped in during a purge it wouldnt hurt. This way those that can cheese farm purges once they have 20 thralls may get a little kick in the ■■■■■:) out of no where.

Well before, when the developers have not yet gone crazy with the bans, avatars were needed to deal with very large bases. Today there is little point in them, it is easier to write a report. So I think yes, religion should give some other bonuses.

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