Balance Gods or Get Rid of Them

Gods are too easy to use. Huge clans just sit back and farm gods and then use them on people that have been living in a shack for 2 days. I worked on a huge base for a month before I realized the stupidity of gods. They ruin the game. They need to be gotten rid of or redesigned.

There’s just no point building anything. It’s all easily torn down by a bunch of talentless weiner-heads. It would be okay if they actually had to make explosives and strategize, but they just spam gods. No-one even uses a trebuchet. It’s a joke.

I haven’t been raided, yet, btw. My base is very beefy, but I can already see where the endgame is leading me. I shouldn’t have to out-farm a group of 10 people when I’ve already built a base that is vastly more defensive.

Gods disincentivize players from spending much time on the game.

From what I have heard, every server that dies does so because people get godded down. No one wants to play with this cheap tactic in the game except for people that just enjoy killing servers and reducing your population.

I enjoy ruining people’s day as much as anyone does, but this God nuke stuff is for civilization games, not survival games.


You should have seen early access, when gods had far more power, and were undetectable on the map.

Those were fun times.


Eh…Just observing what the game is like now.

From my understanding, the avatars haven’t been buffed and were really underwhelming with their last adjustment. When did this get fixed?

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Yog is fairly meh. Can’t talk about derketo but the rest are very powerful.

From my personal experience I’d say Mitra and Zath and the most powerful. I started using gods far more often to raid bases around a year and a half ago and they were as strong as they are now back then.

They still powerful enough to get rid of bedrolls and chest. Structure is mostly still there but if you cant make it back to base in time your basically screwed.

I use them for this purpose and do a clean sweep of base afterwards.

Just make a god bubble, and if you can’t farm it alone then don’t play alone, this is not a single player game, clans are up to 10 and there is no rule about alliances.

playing with few people is suicide.
gods are perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

I don’t like the avatars either. They are not balanced at all. Most players are singles. And most players can’t play for 5 hours every day. And if someone thinks that the game should only be played by clans of 10 people, they can be happy with empty servers where 3-4 people play.

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@Morlang This goes back to the raiding system as a whole. So far the new update promotes easier offline raiding with zero benefits to a defender. Thrall nerf, bat/bridge possible exploits, lower hp on structures, questions on tos etc. the point is raiding in general needs some balance love.


Though I agree with some of what your saying, this is not call Conan Exiles: Clan Battles. The solo play and small group play does still need to matter and their enjoyment of the game does need to be considered.

well i understand but from my understanding i think that the game encourages you to find people to play with and i think thats GREAT that from a natural and organically way team play is encouraged, promoted and rewarded.

But i get where you are coming from.
This patch does nerf the lonely/small clan, offline raiding is easier, your thralls that would make numbers even defending are more nerfed.

i think that the defender should have more tools to make the attacker’s life harder. i think bombs and raiding in general are making too much damage in a small window, if you blink you could lose your base from 1 to 10 minutes or 30 depending on the scenario.

raiding system does need some adjusments.
maybe nerfing the amount of zeal needed for bubble, for example?.

I think gods should almost exclusively be used to enforce the TOC. No more admin wipes or player bans… You broke some rules? You pissed off the gods and they’re coming for you and your base(s). They start 5min after a member logs on and they stop only when nothing is left! Your puny mortal defenses are meaningless.


I’m totally serious!


I’m half with you on this

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Yes, I agree. The raid system absolutely does not offer any casual gameplay on PvP servers. Only hardcore. But if the developers suddenly wanted to increase the number of players who will play a little and buy cosmetics (I’m sure the developers do not want that), the first place to start is to change the avatars (or remove them altogether) and restrict building (at least the most obvious violations of the type of building at 100k foundations). This limit by the way can be hidden.

The use of avatars need to be moved away from the grinding price and more towards the skill side. What I mean by this is instead of go collect this to stack that to a certain amount to fuel the prayer machine to give you a game token to rub and make your wish to let out your inner monster you would need to perform some feat(s) each spread all over the map to prevent camping (you know it will happen).

I also think Avatars need to have some more restrictions on use. What I mean by this is more restriction when you can use them (again) based in part on type of Avatar (Yog, Mitra, Set, etc). You use one and the other Avatar won’t let you use them until you appease them and regain their favor and the Avatar you just used will not usable by anyone as they will not be pestered again to fight puny mortals battles for them a set, but not known period of time. The Avatar will be available when they feel like it, later. This is the one of the few times that I don’t mind RNG being involved as it showcases the fickleness of the gods. And the Avatars could also be made to remember player, clans, and anyone they have been associated with for an undisclosed ( who knows when the gods are watching or not ?) amount of time when used and after or again an undisclosed amount of time.

The owner(s) of the structure(s) the Avatar has been used on may get to use the Avatar again sooner than last one(s) as the gods may find it amusing… or not.

You can defend with explosive Arrows against them…they go down fairly quick.

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Yeah, people repeat so much second and third hand (incorrect) hearsay here on these forums it’s not even funny. It’s especially facepalming when they also declare that because of that, Funcom or CE will fail, the game is unplayable, or this and that direly need to be rebalanced for anyone to stay with Conan Exiles. LOL

This game is dying I tell you Dyiiiinnnggggg, oh wait , its still here years later. Its funny @Jimbo was just talking about this.


Does this mean gods would become the nukes they used to be? Wiping bases by walking through them like the old days??

Oh, Im in love!!

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That could be funny as an event . Come all and see the avatar stomp the jerk.

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