Easy Gods balancing

Easy way to balance the gods,
they should be set back to how they use to be instantly destroy anything they touch. Now that we have shields it is easy to defend against them. They should have the same damage and attack speed across all gods. The most important reason for them to be instant damage again, is to help fight against ridiculously huge buildings or building trolls that try to cover most the map with useless structures. This will improve server performance. On servers that have massive buildings that lag people or the server when they come into range. These clans only have 1 person on at any given time so the buildings never decay, It would also help the smaller clans to fight the larger clans that were not properly shielded. Easy way to balance the gods. Improved server performance for all. Large clans will have a reason to fear the small clans again, all in all Balance!

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i suggest just getting rid of gods/bubbles all together.

I imagine Gods in CE being agile like the Monsters of Evolve, more attacks too.

Ymir fights the frost titan appearance better lol as for the others ya I agree.

Due to attack speed differences among the Gods, the best way to balance them is to make the slower hitting ones do more damage per hit. I do miss gods being super powerful, but they’re pretty easy to acquire. I have gotten an arch priest, and an altar to t3 500 zeals in under 2 hours. My friend did the same at the same time. So that’s 2 Gods ready to be summoned in under 2 hours time. (not including the tame time of the priest)

Plus, as an alpha, this would not make me fear smaller clans, I have 15 altars ready to be used defensively or offensively. So if someone tried to use a god, it would get destroyed in a second.

Also, I find it more important to balance the ability and efficiency of farming zeals in each and every God altar.

But regardless of the attack speed, the damage output per minute needs to be the same among gods, but if the zeal imbalance is going to stay, then the harder to farm for Gods, need to do significantly more damage.

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