FIX THE GODS or Disable them

So testing on single player with Gods all the Gods except SET do like 2k damage to a T3 foundation block they struggle to even knock over a wall, SET on the other hand is what Gods were at the start of early access, I set up 5 t3 walls 4blocks wide an a space inbetween, the other Gods barely damage the first set of walls an are slow attacking, the SET god attacks every 2 seconds an blew straight through all the 5 layers of walls in 1 Hit, this seems very broken. I was testing on single player, hope they get their ■■■■■ into gear & start working on it.

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If you have a base, you play, if you have not, you quit.

Then, to have attention about the game, the people must play.

best way is disable it temporally. :slight_smile:

Gods are incredibly bugged and/or nerfed.

As I said in other threads: used a Yog on an elevated T3 base on a pvp server (raid time) and did from 0 damage to 300 when SP indicated me that everything should’ve crumbled. :frowning:

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Yea all them gods except SET which is way over powered, because they dont really have collision detection you can just smash everything in 1 hit an that snake gets to attack really fast. Like I tested with the walls, it didnt just damage the first wall it smashed every wall in a row with 1 attack.

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They should nerf the setsnake too. In my opinion it was always too easy to destroy an enemies base with a god. Just farm tokens for one day and you are able to destroy a base that had been build for over 2 or 3 weeks an where people have put a lot of work in it.


It’s more easy to turn on protection dome for 2 RT periods.
Stop whining on forums “plz nerf, nerf, nerf…”, try to learn how to play this game.


Godshields are broken too :frowning: Shields not going down after 48 hours… undestroyable Vaults and now God Shields was bugged… we can raid only newbie bases … every big clan have unlimited god Shields and 100 Vaults !!! That makes no fun on PvP Server !!!

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all our shields work as intended only 36h (#1111)

The setsnake attacks every 2 seconds an can blow t3 walls apart in 1 hit even if there are 10 different layers of walls the snake blows right through all of them, yet the other gods struggle to get past one and are really slow attacking, its not a case of learn to play its a case of Fix the damn game an balance it.

If you play during EA you should remember that Set always be good against vaults. I do not use any others avatars except Set since release (on live server), so dunno how Mitra/Yog/Ymir works today. And not properly working avatars is not the Big problem of this game, trust me

Another major issue os summoning a god is like ordering a pizza. Happens way to frequently

some ppl whine that they can’t find Archy, another… -)

All Shields on 1110 are on since 5 days

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Set should definitively be nerfed, a god should not be able to destroy everything so easily, otherwise whats the point of building a base if someone can just farm a god in a day or two and insta-destroy it, thare is no space for PVP there just an overpowered mechanic where all the defender can do in a realistic situation is to watch as their base gets destroyed (no one is going to summon a god on you while your clan is online and can defend, they will wait to have the numbers advantage and zerg your base with the god, or just offline raiding you with it). The damage on the other gods is fine, get creative is you want to grief people’s bases.


No nerf to God’s please. If anything, God’s need a buff to duration, damage, and/or archpriest spawn rate.

You guys whining about gods needing a nerf clealy need to learn make good bubbles and pick better base locations/designs.

As it stands, God’s are very weak and archpriest spawns are too rare.


It’s not broken. If you want to raid a base, break into it, blow up the shrine with explosives and then god them. I personally like it the way it is. Actually makes it a challenge rather than just farming up something to smash on peoples work. It’s balanced the way it is. Just need to play smart.

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One of the points of avatars is to punish excessive ‘honeycombing’. When players build doors upon doors upon doors. God attacks work as AoE, which means that it doesn’t matter how many doors, walls, or fence foundations you pack into a 4x4 space — they’re all going to take the same amount of damage. After one or two Mitra stomps, they should all be wrecked.

Avatar attacks need to be effective in order to prevent an excessive honeycombing meta.

However if somebody does want to honeycomb, it is then necessary to protect their hive with an avatar bubble. God protection also needs to have a much higher cost, to make this playstyle higher to maintain.

Currently, clans will have 3 or 4 shrines protecting their entire base. Ideally, there should only be a single shrine, protecting the inner sanctum.


Shields work as intended? Do you even play the game?


Im just talking about the damage SET does an attack speed compared to the other Gods which are slow as hell & barely damage a T3.

Set can’t reach what other God’s can, so it makes sense to have something like faster/higher damage to compensate.

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