Gods are broken (VIDEO)


So used a god today for the first time on official pvp and it didnt destroy anything and the T3 walls were only damaged by 10k and less, is this a bug or was i doing something wrong?

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Just use OP Set he kills every T3 wall with 1-2 attacks and he can attack every 2-3 seconds not like the other god every 5-6 seconds with 3k dmg :D. Balance of the gods is broken. Set is much to OP and the other gods underpowered.

The god i used in this video was Set…

you must have used it off raid hours hahhahahah

No this was prime time, on top of that we also did damage to the wall… but you obviously never read anything i said above.


I did I can meme just use thralls and bombs so much easier unlimited orbs and explosives you are in it is a easy raid gods at this state are to take out beds inside, since they were nerfed to the ground Id be glad to help to explain that in a discord

Well no because ive tested the Set god on SP and destroyed similar size bases in less than 6-7 strikes.

So to farm up the token to have a 50/50 chance of it being effective is pretty underwhelming… maybe you can post about it on you’re youtube

there is more broke of this game then anything honestly If I start posting what I know specifically of gods since they do so much worse then all and because the devs dont put what they nerf/ or buff every hotfix its troubling to keep up

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if you want consistency go with bombs currently they only changed that value one time

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Alright fair enough, the god would of been much more fun if it worked out…

Just wasn’t sure if maybe i was controlling it wrong or something, some said you have to be on complete flat land while others said i had to aim higher / lower.

But thanks for you’re comments on the issue… hopefully they become more balanced and the devs may see this, because our god literally did the same amout of damage to that base as 1 jar would.

also if they were doing base defense 1 bomb of damage takes a god out pretty much I do have a channel Its just the devs are out for a holiday all together and they will be returning in august. the problem is that gods are cheap to farm once a arch priest is found, and they can strike in bubbles I made a video for unlimited orbs with thralls and ho bombs are and gods cannot destroy vaults 100 ish bombs are required

you have link? i cant find the video

just look up my name on yt I made plenty of guides

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I can confirm Set has been nerfed as well. I am on Official PVP server 1964 ( PC ).

He works as usual in single player admin mode

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Gods are weak as sh*t and no one should use them. They need to go back to the full strength that they had in EA…when having gods, altars and archpriests actually mattered.

Yep I can confirm that set and other gods have been severely nerfed. Tried using set on official server, took out 2 sand stone foundations but all the tier 3 remained intact with only at best 10k damage, mostly less. Went in with bombs and orbs, which did the job 1000x better and was cheaper than wasting temples and archpriests.

“ Avatars are comming in full force after launch…”. Way to troll eh FC :stuck_out_tongue:


Go and cry here " Nerf Gods Please!" here you go! :smile: Totally useless no dmg


I am not crying about it, I think its great as my base is safer now! Think most are just confirming that the gods don’t appear to be working as intended.

Yeah it seems to be an issue with official server only though as SP works perfect