God vs t4 hahahhahahaha

so we used a yog on a very high base on a temple… so you can fly over to the enemy base and make 2 to 3 attacks and not a single foundation was demolished… well since you need about 1000000000000 explosives for t4 how can you raid such a base? farm 2 weeks for several gods? or farm 2 weeks for tribuchet? i think the game over all is not bad but the main aspect sucks balls…


Try raiding it with Demonfire Barrages from a trebuchet. That’s the highest damage dealer.

Trebuchets are piss cheap, I don’t know what you’re on about saying it will take you two weeks. It should take you twenty minutes.

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yesterday we got the same problem, we try MITRA in high position. The god spawn near the foudnation and walk on it, then made 3 attack, the last one in the middle of it.

We tryed the same thing offline to understand how god works and needs only 1 hit to destroy black ice foundation.

Funcom please, explain what we need to do to raid who deserve to be raided :smiley:

btw we fix the problem with 120 bombs…

try breaking the anti climb with trebuchet, then climb in and finish the rest with orbs / Avatars.

“btw we fixed the problem with 120 bombs”
we raided that clan but without god help, was unuseful, really low damage in tier 4 and it’s not hard to build in tier 4.
Gods must be the final weapon, so damn hard to get the arci priest and we never found it, we just find in the raided base :smiley:
I think this game needs better information and wiki, i like it so much, we need only more info.

what do you mean by that?

Tier 4 Black ice, this evening i will upload the movie :slight_smile:

This is call T3!!!
And yes, gods are bugged(

It is a final weapon, not OP one, which is good.

Tier 3 ok :smiley:


ehm, i think the hit range of gods are not how we think. I was not in that view and i figured out now someone miss the structure :smiley:

we recently had the same thing, so we have to wait until they fix it.
At the moment gods useless(Ymir,Mitra,Yog)

BTW are stone T3 and ice T3 structures equal?

can you confirm the acti priest can find everywhere the prist spawn?
Conan city (set)
Mitra serenity (i don’t know how is called in english) (Mitra)
Black ship (yog,mitra,set)

And where are others Priest I and II spawn have a chance to spawn lvl 3 ?

yeah arch priest spawn everywhere where u can find priest I or II, but with a very small chance!

the same hp but different geometry

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Just a thought, you didn’t use god outside of raiding hours? Would explain why no damage possibly.

no was at 10pm and we demolish the base with bombs, after the god spawn, you can watch in the movie.

Same here:

Used Yog upon a T3 castle constructed on top of a mountain. Three strikes right in the middle of it. Everything should’ve crumbled, but not a single wall, ceiling or anything at all fell. No damage done. Not even to T1 structures located around.

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Have you checked building pieces with repair hammer?

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