Not PvP Balanced or Hackers?


Hello everyone our clan got today raided by russens ( 2 ) peaople they raided our base in like 30 seconds possible ? almost no dmg to vaults but 1000 foundations t3 destroyed.

its a bit older the screenshot base was way bigger and hade more roofs and stuff and after 30 seconds base looks like this

should its be possible to wipe that base with 1 snake god you can farm that god in some hours.

The Set God (snake god) is currently the most powerful

If it was an Avatar attack, it will be marked on your map. “Recent Avatar attack site”.

An Avatar could do this even to a T3 base. Doesn’t matter if you spend 300 hours building a base. Someone can come along with a God and do serious damage to it (as seen in these screenshots).

Once unleashed, the Avatar player has 60s driving the God in order to do as much damage as possible.

So yeah. Game working as intended probably. Best solution to stop it is to find out whoever did this to you and make sure they can never do it again.

Good luck

so gods are still way to op ? i mean its takes us about 3-4 hours to farm gods

Avatars are the universal undo button. They destroy any structure in one attack. If it was an avatar of Set, Yog, or Ymir, then taking down that many foundations is entirely feasible.

Also shame on you for making an all-foundation base. Not only are you absolutely killing your servers performance by taking a massive chunk of the DB, but players can see every single thing you own and plan their attack far in advance because of how long your base will take to render.

Gods are not op. In fact, they aren’t strong enough in my mind.

They are the nukes of the world, and with god shields and the 2x harvest there is absolutely zero reason to fear someone using a god. One hour of farming and you can produce enough zeal for 36 hours.

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