Avatar what happened ? nearly no damage done on structure, is it wanted or a bug?

Hello, in term of gameplay i can not understand so I would be hapy to have point of view of funcom.

  • A purge can destroy entirely your base when you are offline
  • Explosive jars (when you are level 60 with an alchemist T4 it take around 4h to do 120 explosive jars) which is enough to ground zero some base.
  • With a little bit of time, orbs can allow to go through huge base. but they became useless against vault.
  • an avatar, it can takes days to find an arcpriest, and then it take 10-15h to harvesrt zeal needed of a true name
  • Trebuchet are op as hell and with 4 hours of gameplay can groundzero a T3 base with reinforced fence. by the way you can no more use reinforced fence foundation to cover and protect fondation.

Don’t you think we have here huge balance issue ? I mean serioulsy remove god feature or make them what they should be, i mean something able to destroy a base, something able to destroy vaults (you are aware of people deploying infinite vaults ?).

There is clearly a gameplay issue, and gods are no more used. Can you please share your point of view with us and let us know if the gods nerfed as hell is intended or not. Thank you.

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