Was Set nerfed to the ground?

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*** hello, has anyone tried to set someone’s base after this last patch?
I just did and for the entire minute I had… I did only 20k damage to a tier 3 building. While before I was able to actually take down walls.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Farm a Set Archpriest
2.farm the required zeal to summon god
3.use god on a tier 3 enemy base
4.take our repair hammer to inspect damage.
5.sit in awe at the lack of damage done by a god

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That’s how these fools operate. Something is overpowered, they over nerf it. It becomes useless. They stand by their decision while the player base foams at the mouth in anger. Months later they come up with some new twist on what they nerfed to hell that still makes it underpowered but expect you to be gracious. Exhibit A: Archery.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this about this game, but these guys really don’t have a clue when it comes to game design and design philosophy.

Set is complete garbage now. Trebuchets are more viable but restricted to areas of land you can claim.
A smart tribe with a lot of free time constantly runs god bubbles and claims as much land as they can around their perimeter. They need to make Set great again or nerf god bubbles.

Would also be nice to make a catapult tower portable like a thrall, that can be deployed anywhere like a bomb. (but with AOE damage that insta destroys it if the target is too close). Bomb arrows should probably be buffed against damaging crenelated walls also.

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Hm, is a god that you farm and charge on 1 day supposed to destroy bases you build over weeks and months?

Instead use it to kill the defenders and crack a hole in the base,then do the rest with explosives that require an equivalent of farming and a bit of coordination to set off in masses without exposing yourself to being killed by defenders and lose all that stuff.

I miss wrecking bases with set. Ymir is also a bit broken… 5 ice shards for one zeal… -_-

Whether people approve of the gods being able to wipe portions of a base or not… they need to be worth something other than just having a god shield ( for protection from gods that dont do anything). I believe all gods should possess the capability to destroy bases. I believe people should fear losing their base to a god. Pvp is pvp, hardcore pvpers know to keep a bubble up and also know to watch to map for moving tokens. I’ve battled on 4 different servers wiping masterpiece buildings while at the same time getting mine destroyed too. It’s the name of the game.

As of right now the one of the main features of the game (gods) is pointless to use.

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The notion from the community before was that Set was completely OP compared to the other gods. There were adjustments made to all special attacks for the gods since they were not working as intended.
The gods as a whole will be re-balanced as part of the siege system overhaul.

I would like to ask everyone to keep feedback constrictive (thanks to those in this thread who did so). It makes it easier on use to be able to communicate back to the team, thank you. :slight_smile:

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How long are we expected to wait for this “siege overhaul”?
Is there anything in the test live to read about this or is it all talk for now

Maybe the farm should be a bit harder, but all gods should be able to either wreck large parts of a base or kill everything inside. The meta now is basically running a god shield 24/7 and building massive bases (typically up high in OP spots) that are effectively impossible to destroy due to lag, anti climb or sheer amount of structures.
God bubbles should only protect against gods unless they make trebs placeable anywhere.
Also, weeks / months worth of crap should be wipeable if the end result is less lag and better gameplay for everyone that has to deal with traveling near massive mega bases.


Agreed that gods need to be worth something. And they are in my opinion for what they cost as in farming. The bubble - well maybe there should be a cooldown with a small timewindow.

Farming for defense and offense takes time an preperation. So planning for a timewindow costs some effort - and then can be worth something.

I am thinking of 1.5 hours cooldown. If you cannot make something out of your god attack and subsequent treb/jar attacks in that time then it should not have been.

A different method would be to make a prest exhaustable - like in having 3 charges. From own experience: just the collapse of 1 column by set and him killing us was enough for the attackers to blow up the base from the inside. This heavily depends on construction - so balancing the god dmg is very hard.Sometimes it may be enough other times not.

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If we’re gonna be constructive on god attacks, how about the fact you can summon Jhebbal inside of someones bubble and decimate the base regardless of protection

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Thanks for the tip. I’ll see what kind of damage I can do before I lag out.

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