Why doesnt funcom either fix or remove the god system?

500 balance patch is here, and there is no balance on the gods. Read below why this is a serious problem, and why the god system might aswell not be in the game.

As you are probably aware, only SET does any damage right now. And all the other gods are useless, because they deal less damage than 1 explosive jar.

Now this makes it so people only farm for SET, which means SET is the only god being used in the game.

NOW combine this with the fact that SET ignores the god bubbles, as the only god, which makes the god bubbles useless. Because you only ever need a god bubble to defend against SET.

So as it is right now. There is one crazy overpowered god in the game with 0 counterplay. This also makes for another balancing issue, in the fact that a real pvp base location is only ever viable if SET cannot reach it.

This is completely game breaking imho

And this should be much higher on their priority list than most, if not all, of the actual changes they made in this dissapointing patch.

How can they not see the glaring issue, when people would have more succes just using 1 set coin, rather than using 10 ymir/god/mitra coins?

Go try it in single player. A single set will destroy more than 10 straight summons of any of the other gods. Embarrasing

You forgot to add that some servers have bugged perma godshields that exists even after they are destroyed

I think this is actually “500 bug fix” - it’s not a balance patch. It’s fixing glitches and performance updates, not balancing item stats / mechanics.

They’ve said before they’re going to do a round of bug fixes before balancing or adding too many more features.

my Set was die in the impact with bubble, was it wrong Set?

Be careful, I’ve been preparing our base feverishly for days now, Set can be manipulated. There are ways, and I can confirm having seen it in-game. The other Barnes is right.

I have over 3k hours on pvp servers. I have never seen one of the gods break the game in any way since the Yog nerf. Gods are laughable in the current state. Even the mighty set can be made useless with the proper base build. I am sure like everything else in online pvp games gods will continue to be “balanced” so be patient.

i’ve withnessed SET avatr reaching my very high bases, one on the pillar at Lakewatch POI, base wrecked, the other one situated in the middle of the Shattered Bridge at n00b river, where SET avatar litterally walked on air reaching my base flying over the the air beetwen the bridges (where you can see the vision), our solution now is to build inside natural walls like caves to avoid this insane glithcing.

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