Gods unleashed on server

So funcom will all their wisdom never bothered to do anything about the duping problems that were infecting the game, yes they have probably fixed this current one but there will be more, problem is they never do anything about the things that were duped like the arch priests or coins that people duped then hid them on bearers because they didnt decay.

God bubbles are a extreme grind now for 1-2 player clan that only last 36 hours which is just another poor balancing pass by funcom, same as them acid arrows. Over 2 nights when gods were activated, one clan has used like 20 of them even just blowing up peoples little thrall bases, most of them are duped because you cant see the shrine being created in event log plus if you legit farmed for them you wouldnt waste them on thrall bases. Since they were disabled no one should of even had coins as you would not have been able to summon them an they would of decayed by the time they were activated so they should of just deleted them all from the database an started again, I longed prepped my base an items for this day, but ■■■■■■ me off seeing my once active server just depopulate now because of dupers, oh well funcom an its track record.

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