How about them Gods

Is funcom just ignorant to the fact people are sitting on hundreds of god coins that were duped by the restart glitch & stashed so they dont decay? they activate Gods then do nothing about the fact people still remain with the coins, they should have deleted all coins from datebase an started again after this so called duping patch fix, but they just leave as is an now clans that have them are just spamming gods 20-30 at a time to slowly damage through the bubble until shrine breaks all with duped god coins. Yes coins can still be stashed an bypass the decay timer I wont be saying how but funcom need to disable gods until they fix this crap.

So many players already had enough, if it aint the exploits its dupes, jeez hire some people that actually have a damn clue.

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They did, they are working on other issues that were deemed more critical than the one you most want ‘fixed’ at the moment.

Maybe go back, take pics, or better yet stream video, of said exploit happening. Lay out a careful argument of why it is an exploit, why it hurts the game, and the community. Perhaps offer some suggestions to rectify it, well thought out, considering your own suggestions negatives as well as their strengths, and presenting those here to both developers and fellow players in a constructive way.

Everyone already knows how it is being done and why it is an exploit. What makes you think Funcom doesn’t?

Ah, I see, and that invalidates what I wrote in its specific context how?

Just like the family share discussion ‘everyone knows’, isn’t an argument, evidence of some kind, or constructive feedback of any sort (or even represents the majority of the player bases viewpoint), especially when it was presented with a swipe at the people behind the game.

Huh you slow or what, its called duping making multiple copies of other items the reason they have been trying to fix it yet leave all the duped items still ingame to be used, you can easily tell by the fact they bombard players with 20 gods yet in the last 5 days there has never been any temple built & the coins would of decayed anyway.

You are probably a PvEr since you seem to be so ignorant of this. How is it a exploit hmm having 1 god coin then using the server restart to make 2 coins then 4 coins then muliple coins over the space of months without actually farming for them plus doing this to other materials/ thralls etc, why does it hurt the game well probably because players that aint farmed for the gods now have 500+ god coins that they just smash everyone over on the server an just god spamming the bubbles so it will eventually break though, how it hurts the community hmmmmmmmmm well since most players had bases that they built up over months some since release expected to be able to defend against say 1 or 2 gods that have been legit farmed they now dont have a base because a swarm of 20 duped gods have just leveled it so they quit an reduce what is already a falling community on servers, so either you are one of these really dumb/ignorant players trying to sound smart or a pver who these problems dont effect.

God coins can be hidden & stop decay timer anyway as well. Have I reported it yes have they done anything this last 3 months about it no the activated gods knowing full well the servers were loaded with duped items.

No. I just dont disagree with how things are, or need to start questioning people’s intelligence when they see it another way. Also, I like things more rationed out then ‘Things not how me want. All dumb not want same as me. Science.’

P.S., also, if we are talking PvP here, maybe build your base in an avatar proof spot if you have so much trouble with it, like everyone else has done when this tactic has been employed against them. Not failed to adapt and gone to the forums seeking nerfs.

Lol “more critical issues” havent you noticed the server pop has taken a dive since gods were reenabled whats the point in farming legit to have it wiped by hundreds of endless gods, and there is also no such thing as an avatar proof spot, you probably dont play on PVP and realise how bad it is

The servers where you play.


I’d recommend, before you try to imply you know PvP in this game, you actually learn not to say something that demonstratively wrong. There are several spots where none of the avatars can do damage to a base. Stop building obvious ‘smash this’ shacks, and do a little more exploring and observation of the map.

See “players helping players” section to see how these exploits work.

As it stands they will ruin this game.

Funcom need a serious wake up call with quality control

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Month after month, week after week, that same thing has been posted on the forums here since last May.

There is no quality control crises. The game is objectively better than ever. And hyperbolic declarations of ‘expolit/bug x is killing the game, and Funcom is letting it happen’ are nothing new.

Word of advice, if you can’t hack how vanilla is on unmoderated official servers, run your own rather than ask the game to be changed for everybody else.

Lol, you can glitch gods anywhere mate, through terrain and world objects what you mean, if you can build there I can summon a god

And as we are playing in Oceania there is ONLY populated official servers so the option for oceanic players is dont play( or play on dead server) or play with all the exploiters. Honestly when I bought this game I payed for a MULTIPLAYER game not a private server damn

Then screencap and report it if they are using a glitch as an exploit.

As for the Oceana only has one populated server, just sounds like another ‘fix this how I want it’ excuse. What constitutes a populated server?

And you got that, and as it was a one time payment, you got quite a deal as well for it. Unfortunately, the reason other games have subscription fees… is for a premium supported online experience. And guess what, Conan Exiles, for free, gives you the server side, and you can run it for a very reasonable rate through GPortal or on your own hosted server, and configure it how you want it. Or, included in purchase, you can play with randos on the provided servers, not a dime more. So that is hardly some under delivering from Funcom on selling Conan Exiles to you as a multiplayer game.

tbh there more support and faster response with private server… I am a modder for one such server and generally its more fun once you get to know the private servers and their owner

… i understand your frustration I was once like you but then i didnt like how slow the game was progressing and i had more ideas about how to make the game more fun then it is . And that was modding…

And now we have so many player playing on private servers … in fact its a crime to not play one private server… you could be playing on some server with mods that would drastically alter your experience… Pippi mod look at it and tell me that isnt the greatest thing ever.

Funcom does listen but if they dont have the means to stop exploits they wont ban because they want to know how its being done. so that they can fix the problem.

and Every official server in a sandbox environment will be toxic because of lack of moderator and admin to watch kids play. I know this because its true. Rather then complain about the exploiter and all of that … Just gather your friends and look at some of the popular Private servers … CE is just like minecraft either you play official server with jerks or you can play with private server and have a good times…

Let me ask you this would you rather go to a open public park or go to Disney world …

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