Reality Check for Funcom and the Community


TL;DR – No game will ever be immune to exploits. Exploits will always emerge and can only be managed correctly with human nature in mind.

I don’t condone exploits, but one must learn to include them in one’s equation to manage them better.

People buy games to have fun. People purchase opportunities to have fun often at the expense of others in form of PvP and exploits.

The difference between exploits and PvP is that one exploits human nature, and the other exploits mistakes. Morally, both are equally bankrupt.

One might argue that PvP is sportsmanship, whereas exploits is cheating. This is where the reality check starts.

Exploits are emergent. They are inevitable, and have become part of the modern PvP culture. Fight against it as much as you like, take the moral high horse as high as you can, whine as hard as you like, but the reality is that exploits are a force of nature, because it is a by-product of unforeseen mathematical contingencies that have been part of our reality beyond games. We do not possess a programming language capable of predicting undesired outcomes in real time.

Exploiting is fun, otherwise people wouldn’t keep doing it, despite repeated punishment. In a climate where games are treated as consumer products, to most consumers a punishment for exploits are simply a „consumed“ status for most consumers. When they are banned, they simply move on, having had „paid for their fun“. This will be an inevitable trend as more games move towards live service.

Are people really so naive to think that bans or negative enforcement will somehow „teach people a lesson“ ?

When companies follow the „Live and Let Live“ policy, it actually has quite a profound effect on the entire player-base.

„One misses not a luxury unknown“ is an effect we all experience without even knowing.

On ARK, there was an event that lead to old beta servers being marked as „Legacy“, because they recognized that these age old servers have been contaminated with so much duped items, so many glitched dinos that it was best to just wipe them, which would have gone back on their promise to never wipe the servers (otherwise nobody would bother beta testing). The best compromise they could think of was to segregate these servers to their own cluster network apart from the new official launch servers and re-purpose servers that had a consistent population of 0-1 players.

The official launch servers were then in turn also contaminated with exploits, but even worse; The new servers became dino-capped, which means the server couldn’t support anymore tamed dinos, and thus no new dinos could be claimed, unless the population was culled. This led to so much strife, that many have chosen to either quit or return to the legacy servers.

The legacy PvE servers have always enjoyed peace and stability ever since the great segregation and are now even preferred amongst long standing veterans, because suddenly legacy servers are the way ARK was meant to be played. A perfect balance of player populations.

Legacy people could trade in overpowered dinos with glitched genealogies, and over-powered items were auto-scaled to acceptable levels. All the duped metal and stuff decayed, because one couldn’t evacuate that stuff to other servers fast enough. It was too heavy.

You see… non of the legacy people remember anything of the sins of the past, but have instead adopted the fruits thereof as part of their lives.

Any new exploits simply added to a contamination that will normalize overtime.

You see, dear Funcom, if you make a mistake and let people have fun with it, that’s good value.

But if you start making people „feel your mistakes“ and on top of that punish them for having taken advantage of your mistakes…. Well, then it becomes personal.

You are not a school or behaviour adjustment facility to educate people on what is right or wrong. You are not a police institution there to keep order. This is clearly reflected in your server policies and we have come to accept it as a way of life.

Now all of a sudden you interfere with thralls that were part of this way of life for the longest time.

This is going to be a problem if these sort of intrusive alterations are a trend of things to come, due to the current amount of server exploit contamination.

First the Orbs, then Vathis. What’s next? All the metals too? The Crom Blades? The Grandfathered Lifeblood Spears, that all the PvP folk are fawning over?


It’s learning how to deal with a force of nature, much like Galileo had to explain to people that the earth was round.

A very touchy subject amongst Christians some time ago.

It’s controversial, sure, but I’m frankly done trying to save CE. I know the direction it’s heading, and if you want to go down cheering with it, so be it.

I’m glad you’re here to troll me. You are like my new “Stonespear”. Keeps my post bumped.
You are perfect for this.

You know, I like this video game quite a lot.
I want it to be future proof. I believe taking exploits into account and taking advantage of being taken advantaged of, is a wise strategy.

For you it’s just a video game. For me, CE is a passion.

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Well put post on how you feel. But, if i apply that theory across multiple issues with online gaming, trolling is the same as exploiting. People do it because they enjoy it.
And allowing it just because it exists and is hard to mitigate or control is sort of a cop out. Its the “can’t beat them, join them” mentality. And it is every players right to have their opinoin/thought process. This is a game, and to survive it should constantly evolve. When that is done, there will be unpopular decisions made from what Funcom collects as data to evolve it. For us players we only can give input and play or not play. And Funcom can take that input, or not, and make a decision for what they feel is right.

I see the idea that people will have to replace the Vathis thralls as an opportunity to play the game and do something “different” and relive or learn new things i may not have experienced 10+months ago. A game play loop of sorts. And that anyone who complains to the point of quitting game were not really going to play the game much more anyways. But this does come from a masochistic PVPer that likes being wiped and the grind of the rebuild trying to improve on what i failed on last time.

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This is slowly becoming the 16k petition to fix the final season of game of thrones. Can’t wait to see the YouTube version.


I’m just glad we get a prequel season of some sort haha

The earth IS flat.

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Well, ZeroG just trolled me, and according to you that’s like exploiting. Noticed how it was an opportunity for me to have him bump my post? Furthermore, he is very receptive to reverse psychology.

Exploiting is incredibly predictable at this point. So much so, i’m sure one can trigger achievements with exploits. Amazing anti-achievement to have, don’t you think? It’s pretty hard to get rid of that.

It’s one feature I love about X4. You get a “modified” watermark on your save game if you have cheated.

You say “allowing it just because it exists and is hard to mitigate or control is sort of a cop out”, but my suggestion is actually quite the contrary. It’s actually outsmarting the inevitable. You have so much more control over it, through social engineering, than you do trying to brute-force a solution through carpet bombing.

When the wind of change comes, some people build walls. Other’s build windmills.

Creating new servers benefits everyone who hates exploits, but they also learn that despite being forbidden, it will always pop up again and again and again.

Therefore they must ask themselves why do they play the game really? For sportsmanship?
Not possible on servers that have Crom for an admin.

What can you do? Punish the many for the sins of the few? Collective punishment is what scripted wipes are.

No Man’s Sky players are faced with this fundamental problem every day. Too much of the same to explore…what’s the point? People can just edit their saves with the best stuff in NMS, then play on multiplayer. What’s the point?

The answer to that is that is how far one can get with one’s own values. That is the only journey that will bring harmony and a good life.

Your statement trivializes the significance of a video game…On a forum hosted by a company that makes video games, visited by people passionate about the video game. Please sir, be less obvious on your attempts to troll. I admire a good troll, don’t let your game down.

Then why be so obnoxious about it? There are better ways to express an opinion.

No, I didn’t exclude or single out anyone in the group of passionate people who visit this forum and gave no indication that you were excluded in my post. My apologies if you took it this way. I simply stated that you were trivializing another person’s opinion “because it’s a video game”. This is probably not the best medium for that message considering the audience.

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a gentleman and a scholar, TY

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You do remind me of my best friend.

He always had to be right, and so I was the only friend he had, because I learned to let him win, even when he was wrong. He gave me the skill of accepting both sides of a coin, even if it was obvious which side of the coin was right.

In return, I had his undying loyalty. I don’t expect the same from you but. * pats your back*

You have the willpower to stick with what you believe is right. That is your passion.


This is what I like about this forum vs the old CE steam forums, people are passionate but fairly reasonable, and a lot more articulate. You guys are so cute. :heart_eyes:

Nyeah. It’s a smaller community.

You know how it’s like, being an exile. Being crammed up in a little bottle called the exiled lands, with other exiles; If even one person farts then everyone get’s to smell it.

Best to be in good terms.

I would like m to know what was so important about vathis can someone enlighten me on the subjec.

I hunt thralls some I keep most I kill but why is players with vathis so annoyed that it’s gone?

I am not looking for a debate just a justifiable reason to be so angry about it

Detailed Stats of vathis would be nice.

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Well that took an unexpected, if not a TMI turn…lol.


IMO, the target list just screamed “one of these things is not like the other”.

So basically a unique thrall which got removed for some reason

I am new to the forums only jumped on for some info on faster breaking of thralls and animal taming but got intrigued and roped into multiple discussion channels :smiley: